You Never Really Know the Impact


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of the things you do.

Years ago J had a problem with a girl stealing her school supplies. After talking with Jess, who NEVER wanted anyone to get into trouble at school, I got each girl their own fancy looking school supplies. I put each girl's name on each thing, including on every single crayon.I gave the supply kit to the girl and told her that it was not a reward for being mean. it was hers because we wanted her to not need to take J's things and by taking it she was agreeing to stop taking J's things. It seemed to work at the time

Jess ran into the girl a few weeks back. The girl said to tell me hi! and also said she still had, and treasured the supplies. I almost cried when Jess told me that those were the first things she ever had that were hers alone and were new and nice. They made her think that she was valuable, and worthwhile. it helped her not fall into the trap of high school parenthood, and to work to be the first in her family to go to college at a 4 yr college.

I was astonished. so much impact from a simple school supply it that cost under $13 for 2 sets of matching items.

Try to meet people with kindness first, while being firm where needed of course, because you have no idea what the impact will truly be.

Calamity Jane

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Susie, you displayed both wisdom and kindness. I'm thrilled you were inspired to do that with the supplies, and that the girl has treasured them since. What an impact - just amazing. You rock!


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It is amazing how the little things can really make a difference.

I bought a girl a pair of cheer shoes a few years back. She was so embarassed because she didn't have the right kind of shoes that she hid in the back at practices. After that she was a mini diva showing off her shoes in the front row and snapping the other kids to attention for practices. LOL While I know I will probably never run across the kiddo again I know that that little thing for me was huge for her.


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I didn't even BUY anyone anything today. I noticed a new co-worker, who was extremely shy, near tears on her phone trying to get a cab and saw her looking frustrated. Since I was sitting near her in the break room I heard her say something like, "Well..maybe my uncle can drive me home later..." She seemed really distraught. When she got off I asked her if she needed a ride home and she looked down and mumbled about how she can't get through to the cab company...she keeps getting I told her I'd drive her home and I did drive her. It turns out she is living at the woman's shelter in town so she must be running from some abusive relationship, poor kid. She thanked me over and over again and I turned down two dollars when she offered it to me.

It was no big deal. I had to take Sonic shopping after work anyway, but I don't think this girl has been treated well by most people in her young life. It felt good to give her a ride and make her life a little bit easier today.

Susie and dstc, very kind of you to help those girls!!!

Tanya M

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That is just so beautifully awesome!!!
Thanks so much for sharing that with us.