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    I'm being asked to fill out for kt (& in turn for wm since he's been in the same Residential Treatment Center (RTC) & the same clinic specializing in Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)).

    It's a parent stress assessment on raising attachment disordered children. I read thru it & refused to fill it out until I talked with therapist at Residential Treatment Center (RTC) facility.

    I told them now is not the time they want me to fill this out ~ their reply was now is exactly the time they need this filled out. It's a very brutal assessment with little wiggle room (very black & white like most attachment disordered kids are). I feel as my heart, soul will be exposed for the world to see.

    therapist asked me to be brutally honest - this was going to the clinics research department to see how they can further help families with attachment disordered children & in what areas.

    I asked if this was going to be used against me (paranoia runs deep ;) into your life it will creep) & was assured it wouldn't be.
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    Honestly, assuming it IS only to be used in the research department and can't be used against you by CPS or anyone else, I think your therapist is right. With Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) kids, normal, everyday stuff, while still a challenge at times, is ....well, "relatively" normal and every day. It's times like the past year for you that really need support and more intensive treatments/actions. Not that this comes CLOSE but compare it to quitting smoking. If a smoker can quit during the most stressfull of times, then they should be more likely to stay a non-smoker. Know what I mean?? (said as I light up while typing this :slap:)

    in my humble opinion, it may be difficult to answer honestly but if it can help others in the future, I think you should do it. Is it annonymous by the way?

    I think back to when we first got difficult child and the information that I later found we did NOT have. Had we had that info, we would have known much sooner that we needed more intense counseling and services. And, after hearing more about the Tweedles and what information YOU had when you and your husband got them, I think the same would apply to you.'s up to you to do this. If, after thinking about it, you feel you just can't, fine. If you think you can....go for it. It very well may help others like us in the future. And if nothing else, fill it out, set it aside for a few days and then re-read it. You don't HAVE to send it in.
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    Is there something in writing stating that the information given is private and would only be used for research purposes?

    I can certainly understand your hesitance in filling it out.
  4. gcvmom

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    The only way I can imagine it being kept TRULY confidential is if they keep the information ANONYMOUS with no name assigned to the form (I inherited a paranoia gene, too ;) ). Just my 2 cents. I DO agree with the value of this type of information and believe it can only serve to help other families in similar situations.
  5. timer lady

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    I'll be filling out this assessment with total honesty - it's supposed to be anonomyous however kt & my name is all over it.

    The research staff (as far as I know) do not know me or kt from adam.

    Whatever happens happens. It may help families like mine & others here & there with with children who have severe attachment disorder.

    Thanks for the support on this. I was not sure about filling it out.
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    I agree with the others- if it's ONLY for research, there should be a clause on there somewhere in writing attesting to that and something about the privacy act. I think I would make sure of that before sending it in with identifiable information. If it has your names and asks for SS#'s, and doesn't have a clarifiaction about what it is to be used for solely, I would not trust it. (Paranoia is sometimes valid!)