You swing like a girl.......honestly.....his Mother taught him to fight

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    So I'm in the truck......and on this particular day? My partner is a 24 year old guy about 6'6" around 230 lbs., very protective and just as nice as they come, but strong as an ox. His regular partner I nicknamed "scary man" and I usually call this guy "Fierce man" - they are ridiculously strong.

    I've parked the deliverly truck in the alley and it's our alley, our deliverly/pick up time and the opposing end is blocked by construction. Unless you are delivering? You're not supposed to be behind the building anyway, but here comes a man in a sports car. There isn't anyway he's getting through. He sits, and he sits and then? He flips me off. I smile, waive and go about my business. I tell the manager and she comes out, looks and says "We have a right to block the alley - it's our alley, he's not supposed to be there, and now he's on video flipping you off." Great - and the mans wife was in the car.

    So fifteen minutes later - we're still there. Takes us about 40 minutes to load/unload - and who do you think figured out how to go around the other end of the building? I mean - If you figured THAT out why didn't you turn around and go back the way you came? What is this guys deal? He's a moron. So here he comes up to me and I'm waiting to flip the end of the tommy lift gate up - my partner is inside using the restroom - the tailgate weighs about 300 lbs - I can lift it myself but I'm waiting for him. So the man starts SCREAMING at me. I told him very politely as soon as my partner was done with business inside we'd be moving. Well I don't know how long it takes the man to use the restroom and about ten minutes later - the man comes back to the door and starts to pound the heck out of the doors, he's kicking and screaming and kicking the doors. So I opened the doors and he is now literally in my face waving his fists and screaming at me to MOVE my Mmmm Mmmmmm truck. So the manager of the store comes out and she tells him he has to get out of HER store. I am trying to tell him I'll move as soon as my partner comes out and he starts waving his fists in my face again and I suggest he not do that and he does it again and this time takes a swipe at me again.....and I said "You swing like a girl." Then I stepped back laughing a little and looked at the manager and said I think his MOTHER taught him how to fight." and was really amused and he was still trying to swing his fists and it was laughable.......

    As hes coming towards me yelling "When your partner gets out here SHES going to hear about this!!" and out comes this HUGE and I mean huge, 6' 6'", 200+ young black dude and he's just like "Whoa oh no you din't just swing on my pard...." So the guy stands there and now he's all "I need you to move your m mmmmmmmmm truck." and we're all standing there and my guys like "Sir I think you should calm down first. " and the dude goes postal on him.....and starts shaking his fists at this huge man......."And as I'm walking to the truck he's still.....shaking his fists at me....and I'm laughing out loud so hard my partner can't help but laugh and then he is trying to swing again and my partner kept saying "Oh I know you just didn't do that - cause this ain't happening today......oh no..." Im just still saying nahhh nah.....Get in the truck man.....this is NOT (laughing) worth our jobs." ........So I get in the truck....start it up and the guy is still sitting right in front of my truck right? So I get out of my truck and stand on the running board and I said " are going to have to back up if you want me to move this truck."

    He yells "DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO." So I got back in the truck and sat there, and we both watched him give his hand gestures and have a fit for about two more minutes until it hit him-----he had to back up. Now this partner of mine is a difficult child.....and wanted to get out and kick this guys hiney from all the gestures....but I kept saying things like -------OH that? That's the number of brain cells you have? THAT? Look at that......that's the number of grades he passed. THAT? That's the number of women who actually slept with him and enjoyed it. and on and on.

    I went down to the culdesac turned around and let the kid calm down so he didn't get out of the truck because as we passed the guy and his wife - this MOron gets out of his car and is challenging us AGAIN with the "bring it on hands" and I told my partner - JUST act like you are laughing and point at him and we did......and OMG was that guy fired up..he was so angry he was literally jumping up and down in the middle of the alley - so I kept the truck behind the wall - to make the guy think we got out the other end when he sat there for 45 minutes - WHAT an $$$. (and in case idiot had a weapon) but mostly to keep my young partner from crawling down out of the truck to kick his butt and get us in trouble - but it was funny) THen I said - "Imaging being that dudes wife in the car..he kept saying "MY WIFE HAS TO GO TO THE BATHROOM FOR 45 minutes-----" and well there you are within walking distance of 50 bathrooms in less that 4 minutes walking time-----YOU sir are a maRoooooooon"

    It was all caught on tape.......and we didn't get in any trouble......we were actually commended for walking away. I've never had anyone just stand behind me and stick up for me that was a foot taller than me.....and didn't have to do anything....and the guy just stopped swinging.

    (he really did swing like a girl though -----all tattooed up and acting like a bad mutha.........what a maroooooon.)

    I really did want to just hit him.......but I really need the job. Just two hits ------I hit him-------he hits the ground......sigh........I kept eyeing the bug (oh I'm sorry I thought I saw a bee and I am allergic.)

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    Geeze, did you run into M's clone or something?
  3. Star*

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    I wouldn't have walked away from M's clone.......I would have run him over with a blue least three times.
  4. InsaneCdn

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    Must say you lead an interesting life...
    Not that I'd trade places or anything. But... you could almost write a book about this stuff!
  5. HaoZi

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    We keep waiting for her to write it. :) Then we can vie for blurb placements on her cover.
  6. mstang67chic

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    I bet you could press charges with that video. :bigsmile:
  7. InsaneCdn

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    Hers will be a best-seller... so I'll settle for her stumping my book on her back cover...
  8. HaoZi

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    I bet the video would be a youtube hit, too.
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    You are definitely a better woman than I am. I'm sure I would have decked him and lost my job. And I wonder why my kids turned out to be difficult children!!! LOL
  10. KTMom91

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    Wow...and I spend my days with REAL kindergarteners...
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    DUH... Wow what an idjit.

    You can tell you've had difficult child training, though, Starbie... :rofl: