you will not believe what has happened now...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Loving Abbey 2, May 1, 2008.

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    So I take another 3 hours out of work today to take difficult child to psychiatrist. The long awaited appointment. We're there for about 20 minutes waiting. (They took my check and all) Then the receptionist calls me up to the counter. She says that the doctor is on the phone and would like to speak with me. He gets on the phone and says that he is terribly sorry but he is out sick today with strep throat (his voice was fine) and somehow our appointment was not in his calander so he didn't call to cancel. (I called and confirmed the time with him on Friday!) I asked if there was another doctor we could see as difficult child is doing very poorly. He said he could call to see and then call back up front to let me know. Another 20 minutes he calls again and says that no one is available to see difficult child. So I say well what am I supposed to do?!? He says well I can make a call to have her evaluation'ed for hospitalization again. I said no, it didn't help at all the first time so I wasn't putting her through that again.

    He said that he could see us on Monday morning. I said well can I at least discontinue the adderall (She's lost 3 lbs in one week during a growth spurt and nurse at school also confirms big increased figitiness and she reports possible beginning facial tics) and he said yes, that's fine. But he wasn't willing to make any other adjustments.

    I could just scream!!!!! How is anyone supposed to live this way?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Poor Abbey is getting so down on herself, she's asked to just take her old medicine "it's okay if I shake, I just want to be good again", "I ruin everything I touch", "I can't be nice" "I'll never be better again", "I hate everything", etc. I try to stay positive for her but it can hard. Especially when she was dumping water on the bathroom floor this morning in protest of getting out of the tub! Home based won't start for another week (at the clinician's office?!?!?).

    I'm going to bed, this day needs to end already....
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    A doctor who cancels his own appts? Never heard of that - it has always been support staff to do that. And, how come the receptionist didn't know he was not there?

    Good Grief!


    Sorry you had such a non-productive time today.
  3. Big Bad Kitty

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    Oh, sweetie. Hugs. And hugs to Abbey. It is so heartbreaking when they get down on themselves like that.

    A couple words came to mind when I read what the doctor did. I am afraid that they would be censored if I typed them...
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    I feel your pain. Once my husband took a half day off to come with me to one of difficult child's appointments. We arrive and were told the doctor wasn't in yet, time passes and we get some apologies. Finally they nurse tells us that he'd been out of town on a family funeral and said he'd be in but didn't show up. I could tell they were upset: they had a whole day booked and couldn't get a hold of the doctor.
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    I can't believe that a doctor would do that! How frustrating. I'm so sorry your daughter has to go through the weekend without being seen.
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    Arrrgh! How frustrating!
    Sounds like the Dr. is a difficult child himself!
    Poor Abbey. She sounds so sweet. Hugs.
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911

    And so - YOU take ANOTHER hit to your paycheck, and your emplloyeer sees YOU taking ANOTHER day off, and this bunghole cancells his OWN appointment?

    And lah te Dah - you're just supposed to take ANOTHER day off on MONDAY (add your time, your cost of gas back and forth for second trip, and the sadness of seeing Abbey like she is?)

    I think he would get more than my check - and while I don't have much of a brain left after my difficult child's antics - I DO believe this putz would get a piece of my mind -

    Come to think of it - I would have asked for my check back AND said - IF he cares enough about his patients - He has MY HOME ADDRESS - he can see Abbey there!!! Let him take HIS time, and HIS gas and pick up YOUR check at your home.

    I am SO OVERTIRED and DONE with Doctors who think they are Gods and are inconsiderate and high and mightly and I've let a few know it too in the last few months. Matter of fact I've let several people in on my opinon of THEIR performance.

    I think you should too.

    Sending good vibes to Abbey - And hugs for you both.

    Seriously - I'd call the office back on Monday about every 15 minutes and say "Is her there yet? Is he there yet?" like Donkey in Shreck. Putz -