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    I can't believe this- After difficult child had the argument with asst. prin and burned the bridge with the security guard she called yesterday about 4:30 and said that the other boy is claiming that difficult child is the one that jumped him and (get this) he has a witness. How convenient first of all difficult child is the one that went to make the report after being found by the security guard. The other boy ran off campus. the other boy was showing the video at life teen and NOW seven days later he has a witness and claim that difficult child jumped him. WHAT!! Are these people out to get difficult child or are they just stupid.
    difficult child is so upset that he is shooting himself in the foot with the actions he is taking now. UGH!!!!!:mad:
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    Assure difficult child that the reaction of the other boy is pretty typical, DO NOT go off the deep end. The other kid is probably facing expulsion if he's found guilty-right? So why wouldn't he find a gullible witness? This video the other kid has had better show your sons complete face and body.....Know what I mean?? And not someone pretending to be your kid....Get my drift?

    OF COURSE the other kids are going to do whatever they can just hang tight, and tell him not to shoot anything - especially his foot. I also think you should STILL take him to an urgent care and get a report in case you have to file a suit against this other boy or the school. GET MY DRIFT THERE? There is a statue of limitations on these things and you can bet THEY have been in touch with THEIR lawyers already. Have you?
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    :sad-very:They just picked up difficult child to take him to be detained until we go to court on Monday! I want to throw up. I do not know how to help him now. Please Pray
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    :confused:They just brought difficult child home-they can't find the warrant. The officer said that if they do find it he will come get difficult child after the super bowl on Sunday. That way he is not in there very long. (Bless him) :angel3:
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    mog- don't panic and please don't get upset but I have 1 comment and 1 question.

    Comment: They could be picking him up to scare him straight and try to keep him in line and it really might work better if you take a hard-nosed approach instead of him seeing you worry so much about it. I did reacted exactly the same way you did when my son was first put on probation (at 11-12yo) and ended up regretting it because instead of my son learning his lesson, he learned that I cared about keeping him from being incarcerated more than he did and he used that to manipulate me. I'm not sure why he's going to court Monday- if it's due to breaking the rules of the montioring/probation or if it's due to that fight- but most places are pretty strict on the rules for a juvenile on probation with a monitor/ankle bracelet. Again though, this might be to scare him straight- it doesn't necessarily mean that they will lock him up a long period of time- but I don't know why he's on the ankle bracelet and probation to begin with. Does he have a suspended sentence?

    Question: Are you absolutely certain that he was jumped by a group of boys last week and he did nothing physical/aggressive to instigate this?
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    When he came home he was doing really good and this other boy had been in Difficult Child with him before and he started calling difficult child names that he had been given in Difficult Child and spreading rumors about what happened in Difficult Child.difficult child asked him to stop and agreed to meet with him to talk about it. Than he got jumped. I believe that he was jumped because he was soooo upset that they were trying to say that he agreed to go fight. He also made comments about that he is trying to use the skills they teach them but then he got attacked. Then they accused him a different day for fighting because his pocket was torn, he was sweaty and he had blood on his face, well he is a big boy (grew 2 inches and gained 40 pounds while with foster family) and is often sweaty cause he is so out of shape and his classes are clear across the campus, his pocket was already torn when he left for school (I hate the "fashion" these days) and he was picking at a zit so he had blood from that.Then he gets irritated at every little comment that is being said about the situation when before when he would get into trouble he was real smug when they would talk to him not he gets upset because he feels like he is working hard to follow the rules and that everyone is against him.

    So now I do not even know if he has court or not. I'm just glad he's home and trying to get my game plan together to go forward.

    Oh and that other boy was showing the video at the life teen on Sunday night. Now all these days later all of a sudden the story changed.