You would think by now I would know

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterby, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. flutterby

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    That I can't do what I did before.

    Decided to *finally* put the tree up tonight. I am in so much pain now. Pain really hasn't been an issue for me since I started treatment for MG, but it's been kicking up with the cold. Haven't finished decorating the tree and have had to stop - am in agony.

    Next year, I'm putting the tree up one day, putting lights on it the next, and decorating it the day after that.

    You would think after all this time I would know better. I still forget.
  2. Hound dog

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    That is pretty much what husband and I did...........not really planned out that way, but it was a lot easier on me to do it that way since my kidneys have been giving me issues the past couple of weeks. I'm dealing more with exhaustion than pain.......well the exhaustion is overriding the pain part I guess.

    We took the grands to cincy to the mall for xmas shopping. Believe me, easy child and I kept it down to the barest minimum. They went to the everything for a dollar store for their shopping, stood in line for eternity (literally) to see santa at the mall, lunch at Mc Donalds.............and I swear I'm wiped. Forced myself to make broccoli soup for supper and to do the popcorn hot cocoa and xmas movies with kayla I have all I can do to keep my eyelids open. ugh

    I normally have far more energy than that, geez. But not lately. ugh

    I hope the pain eases off quickly. And that's a great plan for next year.
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    I'm sorry you are hurting! It is a difficult adjustment when we have to start pacing ourselves with things we used to do without a second thought. I'm learning but I still find myself overdoing and then paying a high price for it. I enlisted easy child and S/O with the tree and just did the parts I really enjoy, specific ornaments. If I had done it alone I would probably have to pace myself over a period of a couple of days as well. Even wrapping gifts causes muscles in my abdomen to spasm out of control. I've been doing a few here and there and finally tonight have dwindled it down to 3 left, which I'll do tomorrow night. I'm glad I hosted my first ever cookie exchange because many favorites are just not getting done. I truly figured I'd be able to get through the baking especially with S/O's help. Yet I've got a wish list of baked goods from the kids and guests who are coming and no way I can do it. So I'm buying a few homemade bakery treats, and I'm limiting the rest of my personal baking to 2 further no bake squares. I am also enlisting S/O's help the day before our family dinner to peel all of the veggies and to do the chopping for trays etc. I'll be reserving my energy for the cooking and am going to accept the offers to help by family who come to dinner. Usually they offer and I just thank them for the offer but ask them to enjoy their visiting while I work in the kitchen. This year I'm accepting their offers and if need be, I'm going to ask for help. They may all just stand around in stunned disbelief lol.
    Take it easy on yourself so you can enjoy your holiday!
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    I know what you mean with the pain. This year I am in agony. I have way overdone it this year with everything going on. I havent put up a tree or anything but all the traveling kills me and we are fixing to do it again this Friday. We have had Keyana all this weekend and I put on her CD from her dance class and attempted to go through her dance routines with her and boy did I pay for that! Ballerina I am not! I can get her to practice by getting her to "help" me do it then I am in agony for days afterwords.

    I dont know, something has to give, maybe soon I will figure out how to get the pain under control. I think the cold has a whole lot to do with it too.