Young difficult child confessed to me...

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by lovemysons, Apr 30, 2013.

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    He drank again as recently as 2 weeks ago. Told me about it Sunday afternoon.
    He was concerned that I might tell his Parole Officer...which I have no intention of doing.

    I asked him what triggered it? He said stress at work.

    I reminded him that sideways emotions can lead to drinking and then the drinking leads to UNPREDICTABLE sideways emotions. He said he knew the potential consequences...2 more yrs in prison then he's "free".

    I sure hope he stops again before this gets out of hand again...His wife and children don't deserve 2 more yrs of prison time!


    ps...Also found out easy child daughter WILL be staying with us this summer not at University town. Yikes! She still wants a gun!!!
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  2. DDD

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    Yikes and double yikes! Young difficult child needs to hook up with a sponsor so he can share freely and not put you in the middle, LMS. Yeah I understand how close you two are BUT his goal is to live independently accepting his own demons to work through. Fingers crossed it was a single slip but history indicats it could be the beginning of an unhealthy pattern.

    Your easy child is anothr story. I don't recall one time that she has caused you grief except announcing her sexuality which came as a shock. Without any exaggeration, my friend, I would tell her "You are welcome to come and stay with us BUT there will be NO firearms anywhere in our home or in an automobile outside of our home. That would put your brother in jeopardy and selfishly, more importantly, that would put my mental health in jeopardy. If you can't give your word on'll have to find somewhere else to stay." I'm sure that will be hard but you have to express zero tolerance on the gun issue. Hugs DDD
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    I think you're right DDD...on Both counts.

    It is so true that young difficult child and I are close...He is SO MUCH like me in regard to his "challenges".
    I did have to shut my mouth not to steer him one way or the other as sometimes it is so hard to know what to say when they reveal these kinds of things...and sometimes we are not the one's they need to hear it from (as they've likely heard it all before anyway and we see where that got us!).
    I will tell young difficult child that he needs to find a sponser or someone else he can talk to about these things...Sigh, I know young difficult child doesn't really believe in AA, he's just forced to go to meet PO requirements...same ole same ole.

    And yep, gonna have to have a talk with miss easy child. I don't much like telling her what she has to do as she is SUCH an independent person...but we can't have guns around. Period!

    Thanks for the insight DDD.
    Wuv you!
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    So sorry he did that & burdened you with it. I pray he doesn't continue to do it. Good luck.
  5. lovemysons

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    Thanks nervous! I so hope it's not the beginning of a total unravel!!!

    Welcome to the board again. Glad you found us.