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I'm an advanced practice nurse in IL and would think that the state BON would be where you need to appeal.


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Thank you so much Debbi and Judi!!

by the way, What is BON? is it the State Board? Of course it is. You think they can fight the redistry??

I love you guys!!



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I am furious for you!!!!!!!!! After I read your post I could'nt even sit still. I am so ANGRY. I mean jees how much more could you have sacrificed. Unbelievable, how can the school not know to call you and find out the truth first? I mean are they not in touch with what is going with their students - or what!!!!! My difficult child used to fall asleep in class all the time due to her medications. Her teachers and the admin. knew what the deal was.

Now you can't work!!!!!!!!!! Oh God - I just don't even know what to say. What a cruel world we live in. There are plenty of people who actually do abuse their children and GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!!!!!! Then the kids end up dead and everyone scratches their heads. You poor thing. Life really isn't fair. You give your son something so he can get a good night sleep and go through hell over it and yet hundreds of crack babies are born each day and the moms get away with pushing crack into there unborn babies lungs!!!!!!!!!!! Go figure. Only in America.

Hang in there honey. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.



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Thank you so much Bran. But I have been living on next to nothing for the past 2 years. I wish I could afford an attorney, because a District Court would take me off the registry in a heartbeat.
This is why I need your help.

God Bless,


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Here is a link to pro bono programs in Nebraska (you might be able to get free or very low cost representation):

I know it's a little daunting but if you can't get a pro bono atty you might want to consider asking the court pro se (on your own) for an expungement of the charges and the registry. When my ex conned an atty into believing he was indigent and they tried to bury me in legal fees I went it alone. Sometimes you can find an atty who will for a small fee get you going in the right direction. I don't recommend this unless you absolutely cannot get an attorney. If you go this route.

- see if the court has a "Friend of the Court." The won't give you legal advice but they will tell you what paperwork needs to be filed where and about the process.
- check the court docket for expungements and go and watch and learn. Most courts now have their dockets online, if not the district clerk can help you with this.
- look for previous expungements to see what motions, ect were filed. You can use their paperwork as a template.
- if there's a law library nearby go and read up.

In the mean time I've started writing legislators. Yours, mine, and those from any state with unjust policies. I found out from the previous link I sent you that my state has no policy! They make decisions on removal from the registry on a case by case basis depending on who's sitting the panel at that time.

Good luck again


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God bless your heart Debbie!

My biggest problem with that is I now have my difficult child for the summer. And he will not sit in court well. So I will keep writing. Perhaps aim for a courtroom in the fall when school returns.

Thank you so much for all your expertise and devotion to making the system work!!



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Thank you so much Nomad!!

It is such a lonely life we live. And when the system slams us we have few people to which to turn.

All the years with a difficult child have corroded what relationships I have had with people who have "normal" kids.

Nebraska officials still have not contacted me. Iowa has.

I keep writing letters.

You have a great day!!


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<span style="color: #3333FF"> </span> I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for writing your Congressmen and Senators, asking that a Federal Mandate be made regarding the Central Abuse Registries, that they contain only CONVICTED abusers.

Apparently people are listening because I got a call from Senator Nelson's office Thursday asking for my Social Security number to get the reports from the State.

God Bless you all!!
Thank you so much!
Mass numbers of people cannot be ignored.
I will keep you updated.
Thanks again and have a great summer. Since school is alot of difficult child's troubles I pray yours will be blessed!!