Your changes/plans/resolutions for 2018


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Thought I'd start this thread to see if anyone had looked at any changes in any way for the coming year. Post thoughts, hopes or changrs for 2018, if you want to share. I love reading your thoughts, all of you, and zi k ow 2017 was hard for many and I hope you have better times to come if you are one who struggled.

2018 will be big and I hope better changes for me. Hub is retiring in April so travel and relaxation is in the cards. I am very high strung (highly sensitive person) and hope this lifestyle change is soothing, like hot lemon tea. Here are a few hopes/resolution/ changes I wish to see in 2018.

1. Actively get involved in caring for and rescuing homeless dogs. This is a long time dream of mine. I would also like to volunteer to help the homeless. They have a soft spot in my heart, regardless of their stories.

2. Buy a small house near water in an area to be determined later. We want to move near Jumper. Buy a boat!

3. Travel!!

4. Continue to study spirituality. Stay spiritual. Be strong in knowing that I am a spirit having a human experience.

5. Loving others even more, working on loving myself more, filling life with positivity. Practicing daily gratitude for my great life. The great life did not come easy and I want to remember to thank the universe and my God.

6. (Warning! Whiny rant. Read at your own risk. Apology in advance) ***Keeping people who are not good for me or abusive to me completely out of my life. Took me 40 years to shockingly realize I have been badly abused, controlled and insulted by my family member...must honor myself by keeping no contact....none. Have to fight the thought ,"Maybe it will work this time." I thought that many times and it never happened ...must remember her using (or misusing) cops to control me (shudder...who does this yet expects to resume a relationship?), passive aggressive putdowns "Your husband is great for you, but he isn't for me", & "I felt you were more dangerous than abusive boyfriend" (eyeroll), & "I always told Dad I was his favorite daughter it was just a joke" (no, it wasn't a joke, but to her disappointment, it also wasn't true, but she always longed to be favored. It never happened. My angel bro was deservedly my mother's favorite) ), & "My sister is borderline" (dont even care, but its just more stuff that she says because she thinks it bothers me) & and her numerous no contacts with me for idiotic reasons then coming back either on holidays or during tragedies as if all was well, and on and on. I don't deserve any of that and nobody who treats me like that can ever be in my life even a little bit. NO CONTACT EVER! Even if it takes my attempt to get a court order. Evrn if I I have to go to Illinois to get it attempted. Even if I have to send a subpena. Why should i refrain? She did not. Ok, so I hate what she long as she accepts no contact, I will never have to do it, but my family is on my side. They always wanted her out of my life for good....

7. To stop writing or thinking about Sister and to never check her possible rants about me. I have been good as gold in the latter. I hope to stop needing to vent about her soon. I am feeling good about my decision and shortly you should all be spared my shock at knowledge of extreme abuse and waning angst that somebody I thought at least loved me a little was truly awful to me. I am good at getting over things. It will pass soon.

8. Cherish my hub, kids, grands and two close friends, lovely co-workers and pets every single day. I am blessed. I have no reason to hold any anger in me and these days rarely do. Look forward to peace and harmony, something I am mostly used to now :)

Those are my main plans for changes for 2018. Sorry for the boring rant over sister. I am still new to the idea/shocked by the lightbulb moment that I was being terribly abused all these years...I thought I was just a bad person and it was my fault. I can't go there ever again. So I vented again. Gawd, I am stupid to not have seen it. Bah humbug! Sorry to probably bore you all. Moving on..

In general, expecting 2018 to be great. You? I love reading your stuff beyond just difficult children :)
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Very good plans SWOT.

My company is transferring to the Eastern Shore of Alabama to Mobile where we have a steel mill. Husband and I have decided to make the move in 2018. We are going down to look for homes in January. Why? We think it will be a better way of life for us. We are sick of the cold and want to spend time doing outdoor things. The heat is extreme as the cold is here but we are so done with snow and cold and do like the warm weather. We will be living in one the coastal towns on the Eastern Shore as they call it so will be close to the beach which is something I never dreamed we'd be able to do!

My husband may be able to transfer with his current company but if not will find something. We are hoping to buy a home on my income only.

Our two older sons are settled in Chicago with their jobs and lives and girls so they are doing well. We will move our youngest (Difficult Child) with us when he comes out of program in December 2018. He doesn't know about this yet. We will be his spring board but he must have a new plan and in this program we are sure he will. We won't tell him about any of it until we have secured a home. He does not like the cold either so we feel he will welcome this change and fresh start.

Otherwise planning to keep eating healthy and exercising into 2018 which is something I started in 2017. We both want to be more active and this move will enable us to have a healthier lifestyle. Also we are both looking forward to gardening most of the year - flowers, plants, veggies, etc.

Letting go of relationships that don't work for me anymore or that I have to work too hard at.

Happy New Year to all!


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Great plans and update, RN. I am too attached to my adult kids to move too far from them, but I would do it too if I could do it!

Your son is going to be so excited. I hope he keeps doing well. Is there a place he can continue his work in sobriety in Alabama?

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Mine are pretty simple.

Continue to live with an attitude of gratitude.

Do some traveling.



Long road but the path ahead holds hope.
Well I am so happy to see the back of 2017. I am detemined to continue the self care trend in 2018.
Get back to healthy eating and regular exercise.

Continue to work on caring for ourselves first.

Continue to detach with Love and not enable son.

Put the Condo on the Market and look for a house husband and I will both be happy with. He is not ready for Condo life.

Keep out of sons way. Support the positive let go of the negative and let him live his life his way. I do hope this includes successful rehab. Hope with no expectations.

Focus on my new full time job. I start Jan 2018 as a supervisor of out patient infusion clinics for chemo therapy and rare diseases. I am nervous but really looking forward to getting back to full time work. I will work 1-2 days a month in aesthetic injections and injections training. I do love it but it’s not something I can do full time. Too many shops and too many injectors flooding the market.

Continue to come here to seek and provide positive support.

Live, Love, Laugh. Learning to live in the moment.


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Happy New Year Everyone!

My goal is to focus on wellness. I need to eat better and exercise. Stress always seems to destroy my health plans.

But, it turns out, I'm not getting any younger. ;)