Your experience with rehabs and antidepressants


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My ACwent to a treatment facility almost 2 weeks ago.

I remember reading about the facility and heard others do this as well where they put the patients on anti depressants and also some to curb the cravings so they can engage better in the therapy, etc.

Do any of you have experience in this? If so, did it help?
They have addiction psychiatrists at the center and that is who is handling the medication.
I just worry about when the 30 days are up, do they have to go back for medication checks, etc. I would assume so but not all would be able to go back to the same treatment facility if they were from a distance away.
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If they started him on an antidepressant then he would need to continue to be followed by a psychiatrist for medications... either through them or through some other outpatient service. I think many addicts deal with depression and so the hope is if they are on an antidepressant, dealing with the depression it will be easier to deal with the addiction. My son has been on and off anti-depressants. I personally think they do help him.... he seems to think his depression is situational... and recently made the decision to go off of them. I am not sure that was such a good choice but it is not my choice.


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My son has not been on any medications for a year now and he seems fine.

The drug use messes with the chemicals in their brains and makes them anxious and/or depressed. I have had bad experiences with psychiatrists. They are too eager to drug them up.

My son is in a program that has helped him maintain his sobriety and reset his brain so that he is able to think more clearly. It has been very difficult for him as the program is very strict but he knows that if he wants to be part of our family he had to do it. I could not let him hurt me anymore and I am having a hard time letting him close to me again now since I am very afraid of being hurt again.

Our son really needed God in his life and that is what has changed him. He is coming home in November after a 13 month program. We will have strict guidelines for him and he will have to do something with his life. I have hope for the first time in many years. His thinking was so distorted I did not see how he would ever thing like he should but he is there.