Your ways to calm anxiety aporeciated

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  1. ForeverSpring

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    I have come eons in my quest to stop my lifeling anxiety. I found depression much easier to rid myself of than anxiety. I will share my best methods and, if you have any, please share. It would be met with gratitude.

    Besides prayer, which I often use, just telling myself "oh, you have felt this way before and survived just fine and you will again," has been incredibly helpful. This reminder has helped me cut my anxiety medications to very low. Basically "its not like you havent felt this before and you did it just fine" has been amazing. I am also thinking of trying CBD if things get really tough. I like the idea of a plant over medication.

    I am eager to hear how you handle anxiety in the short term. I know about exercising and eating well but I am looking for self talk when you are in a place where you need to rely only on your self talk, like in the self checkout line of a store. And of course it is always a long line lol.

    Thanks in advance for reading this or any suggestions at all.

    Love and light :)
  2. Elsi

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    SWOT for me the only thing that works is staying in motion. Exercise, housework, gardening. Plugging in music and moving. I also do use the self talk you describe above, for both anxiety and depression. I have gotten much better at talking myself down from anxiety or halting a slide from a down day to full blown depression. I’ve never tried CBD and am a little wary of it. It’s a constant daily battle but most days I keep my head above water now - I just have to make myself keep paddling.
  3. ForeverSpring

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    Thanks Elsi.

    I excerise but am not always in a place where I can. I tend to feel anxiety when I am in a line at a grocery store and places where I cant easily escape.

    Sometimes I very softly put on youtube and watch an interesting video about animals or something else I find calming.
  4. Elsi

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    Me too! Stores in general actually. The lights, the shelves full of all the objects and colors, the people moving around me. My kids refer to the glassy expression I apparently get when I’m shutting down due to sensory overload as ‘mom’s Walmart face.’

    I’ve solved that one by giving myself permission to get everything delivered that it is possible to get delivered. They just started grocery delivery in my area and I love it.

    If I do have to go, I put headphones on with white noise, wear sunglasses to take down the fluorescent light glare, and count backwards by 7s or do multiplication tables in my head to keep my brain otherwise occupied. I’m sure people think I’m stand-offish and weird but it beats my instinctive responses, which are to either abandon my cart mid aisle and run, or find a corner to hyperventilate and flap my hands in.
  5. ForeverSpring

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    I think thats great. I dont get embarassed easily so sunglasses and earphones sound great. I didnt think of that. The flickering lights do bother me much more than the crowds.

    I would do home delivery except I often walk around to shop around and I like doing that.

  6. Elsi

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    My 4th circle of hell! :laugh:
  7. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    Controlling my breathing has really helped me over the years. Breathe slowly in through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Not only does it slow the heart palpitations but it also gives me something else to concentrate on.

    Touch also helps me. If you are in a long grocery line, focus on textures...of the cart handle, of the ice cream box you slipped in your cart :) . It’s the same principle as the breathing exercise above in that it is diverting your attention into doing something productive instead of being overwhelmed by the anxiety.

    For some reason, sucking on a life saver can be enough of a distraction to ward off minor concerns before they get worse.

    If all else fails, I carry klonopin (clonazapam) with me at all times for emergencies.

    You have my sympathies- for those of us with anxiety issues it can be a constant concern.

  8. Elsi

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    Great ideas, Suz! I use breathing also. I like a technique called Bamboo Breathing (from meditation practice):

    Bamboo breathing: Take a deep breath and exhale a bit of air, then hold your breath for a couple of seconds, exhale some more and hold, exhale more and hold. Keep going until you empty out your lungs using 6-8 stops through one exhalation. This technique may be used 2-3 times during a meditation period, or as needed throughout the day.

  9. Tired out

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    I bought airbuds for my phone, so no cord. I have a book playing in my ear to distract. I LOVE the Harry Potter books..have listened to each at least 10 times :)
  10. ForeverSpring

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    I love the book idea. Thanks! That would beat YouTube by tons!

    I already know breathing methods but thanks a ton for sharing new ones :)