You're weird, mom

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Dec 16, 2008.

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    That's the kind of nonsense coming out of kt & wm's mouths of late. It's all due to the music I've been listening to recently. I found a radio station (through pocket tunes on my PDA) that I love. It plays the old jazz & musical classics from the 1930s, & 40s. I'm loving hearing music I can hear the words & understand those same words. Music I can sing along to & dance about.

    I'm not weird I just have a different style & I'm having fun with it. What bothers kt the most is that I bought a speaker that I attached to my PDA & can listen to the music in my kitchen (via WIFI) while I'm working. I'm ready to through out this old boombox thing that's wasting space & using this.

    kt has all the music things she wants in her room that she can blast to her heart's content. Just leave me alone to the old tunes by the Gershwin brothers, Glenn Miller band, the Dorsey brothers, etc. I'm having fun....don't rain on my parade, you little rat.
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    I am glad you found music you really like and can readily find. If kt doesn't like it, buy more powerful speakers for your music player!

    I learned as a kid to NEVER criticize my parents' music because they just played it louder, longer, and AROUND MY FRIENDS!!!!

    Oh, the Horror!!

    Hugs, lady.
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    I am fortunate, my kids do like MY music. I sing very off key and very loud around the house all the time. When my kids tell me I am weird, I take it as a term of affection. When they do dislike my music, I turn it up. I do like some of their music. But, I also tell them they are weird almost as often as they tell me I am. I think there is some unoffical rule they are supposed to tell us we are weird at least twice a day or something. If you like your music, keep right on singing along and danceing along. A happy mom is a better mom, I think? Tell them they may do the same when they are your age and have their own home. LOL. Ask them if they would prefer you to simply be a grouch, instead? LOL. Meanwhile-------sing and dance on. :)
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    difficult child has an old soul - we both listen to similar music, although she still listens to some rap, which I hate. She likes most of the stuff I listen to.

    easy child, on the other hand is always commenting, "Ugh, how can you listen to this carp!" and runs off. Hahaha.

    I say listen to your heart's content. And when she complains, play it louder!!!