Youth Court is still the plan

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    The lawyer that I have been speaking to regarding my daughter's case called me today. Some of you might remember that the lawyer who stood in for my daughter at her last court date (the one I missed because I was not notified) told her she was going to do some time and get probation. Well, that is not entirely true. They are still looking to get her case transferred to Youth Court. If all goes well (keep your fingers crossed) and they take the case, my daughter could be placed through them. If they don't accept her, the Criminal Court system will put her on TASK again. If she messes that up and TASK recommends that she needs placement then they are able to mandate her into some sort of treatment facility. She told me that the lawyer only told my daughter that probation was a possibility. I asked Ellen (lawyer I spoke to) to have my daughter's files transferred from Family Court over to Criminal Court. That file has all of my daughter's evaluations and dxs, her mental health history. I want them to have all of the information so they can see that my daughter needs help. I also gave her the names and phone numbers of the sw and my DSS case worker. She said she will call me as soon as she knows more.

    In the meantime, my sw is going to write a letter to the judge requesting that my daughter be transferred to Youth Court. She will give him a brief history and her recomendation to have my daughter placed. I don't know if that will make a difference but it's worth a try!!!

    Thanks for listening. I will keep you posted.

    Shawna :)

    p.s. Positive thoughts and your prayers will be so appreciated. Some magic won't hurt either!!!
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    Sending every bit of board juju I can muster up!
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    sending you positive thoughts!!
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    I thought so but oh the patience this takes. Much commpassion to you from Compassion
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    Praying her case gets transferred to youth court! Hugs.
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    The DA called me today. Not the head honcho but one of his assistants. She was not even aware that we are trying to get my daughter into the Youth Court. She called to speak to my husband, I guess to see what he would be willing to do with regards to her charges and letting her back in our house. I am glad she got me on the phone. I filled her in on what has been happening with my daughter, gave her a brief history and told her that I cannot let her live here any longer. That was hard. I feel a little guilty. But I had to say that. I need her to get into a program of some sort. I did say that I would not actually throw her out into the street but I would like living here to be the absolute last resort. I told her that I would be HAPPY to provide her with any documentation with regards to her mental health. She said that she would call the Youth Court and see if her case was reviewed yet. She said she will call me when she knows something.

    I am so glad she called. Now we have my daughter's lawyer and the DA on the same page. That's always a plus - right?

    Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. It really means a lot to me.

    BBK, I hope your board juju works!!!

    Shawna :)
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    Jingles, juju, fingers and toes crossed, rattle beads, anything else will add to it! :D You deserve a break.