Zyprexa beginning to work

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    Well, day 3 back on medications and the Zyprexa is beginning to work :woohoo:

    He was actually prescribed Zyprexa Zydis, but the pharmacy had to order it and it is not in yet, so for now, just 5 mg of the Zyprexa tablet, but hey, it's beginning to get in his system. It really makes him sleep a lot but hey, when he's asleep he's not cursing me, yelling at me, blaming me, yada, yada, yada. Sleep is a good thing :devil:

    He seems a lot calmer. Still can see the underlying anger and agitation when he hits a bump in the road, but he at least will kind of blow up and then say, never mind, just leave me alone. AND I DO AND HE DOESN'T FOLLOW ME TO CONTINUE THE GAME. THAT'S PROGRESS!!!!

    I will reiterate this again. If for whatever reason these difficult child's ever try to convince you they don't need their medicine DON'T LISTEN TO THEM. That's how this last episode got started. My difficult child convinced me (I KNOW BETTER THAN THIS) that he did not need his medicine and could control himself without it. He talked to his doctor and they decided to let him try it. Guess he deserved the chance, but it was a huge mistake. Once the medicine was out of his system, he was like a wild animal on a hunt for fresh meat. Then I decided this was not a good idea after all and was going to MAKE him take his medicine again. NOT. One night there was myself, my husband and his older brother, all trying to convince him to just take his medicine and give it a chance again. He got this strange look in his eyes and said okay, and took the pill and he looked like a snapping turtle biting down on it so hard. Only problem is that it was one of the pills that have a hard case and it takes 24 hours for the pill to dissolve completely, the shell never dissolving. It comes out in the poop. Well, he bit down so hard he broke his tooth. Yeah, you guessed it. It was my fault. His reasoning was that I came in and asked him to take the pill. If I only would have just given it to him without saying anything, why he would have taken it without a problem. Such is the logic of my difficult child. Got blamed the other day because he went out in the snow, stayed to long, got wet and was cold. That was my fault too. Strange thing, I seem to remember telling him not to stay out to long, but hey, who am I. I silently wished it would have froze his lips together. :winks:

    Wish us luck. Day 4 tomorrow.