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    Edited: Never mind- he got up and wants to go to store- I take it this was a typical teen day and adjustment to medications

    zonked again. He was supposed to skip it Wed. eve. and start on low dosagae Thurs. due to my unfortunate misdosage on Tues. Eve.

    But, Thurs. I sat his medications on table in front of him and went to kitchen to re-fill his milk and bring it back to him. Fri. am, he said "Mom, I didn't take my medications last night." I said yes, you did, you must have just forgotten. I said, no, I specificaly remember setting them down for you and getting you something to drink. He, said, yep, but I forgot to take them- they are right here on the table. (And they tell me at school that he doesn't have memory issues.) Soooo, he started on the low dosage last night and I did let him stay up til about 11:15, but he he still in bed. I have checked on him, and woke him up earlier enough to give him morning medications, but I can't get him out of bed. Is this adjustment or does it mean I need to forget this medication? psychiatrist told me if the low dose caused the same reaction to quit giving it to him- difficult child doesn't seem quite so incoherent and says nothing hurts- (no stomach ache or anything like on Wed.) so I'm not sure.
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    Any chance you can give it to him in the 6 to 7 pm range (that's when I gave it to my daughter when she had an evening dose)?

    How has he done this afternoon?
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    Oops -- I didn't see your edit before I responded. Glad he didn't sleep the whole day away.
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    He is fine this afternoon. I think I will start giving it to him earlier- part of the reason I let him stay up late last night was to guage how long he CAN stay awake afterwards.