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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by iloveturtles, May 8, 2010.

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  1. iloveturtles

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    On the Thursday after the Manifestation Determination - we are to go in front of the Positive Behavior Team. Who don't sound so positive.

    The district Positive Behavior Team shall be composed of a district Student Services Administrator, who acts as chairperson, and other representatives from the district, community based organizations, Child Protective Services, the County Probation Department, and the local police departments. The function of this committee shall be to consider cases of persistent student suspensions and to develop interventions which support school safety, and reduce student expulsions. The district Positive Behavior Team is designated to bring together a formal review board to assist in correcting student behavior that has resulted in ten or more cumulative suspensions.
  2. dadside

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    My reading of the whole thing - and I'm not in California (which seems to be the only state with "Positive Behavior Teams") - is that once you get through the manifestation determination, the school next has to decide what to do about the behavior(s) at issue. If it is found that the behavior relates to his disability, he is fully protected by IDEA. IDEA calls for the school to come up with a way to manage/redirect/whatever the behavior, and it seems that in Calif., PTB is how they do it, so it would be a continuation of the process called for by IDEA. IF the behavior is found in the manifestation meeting to NOT relate to his disability, IDEA wouldn't protect his placement, but she same team process (PBT) would be used so you aren't worse off, and maybe better. I don't read this as bad, but rather a sort of shifting of the form of coming up with a behavior plan as IDEA would call for. Maybe someone in Calif. knows better, but just from reading quickly found items, I'd not read it as anything threatening.
  3. iloveturtles

    iloveturtles Guest

    Thank you. I tried doing a search and had a hard time finding information. There is something about the tone of the letter that just kind of freaks me out.
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    It sounds like something we tried last year-MST. MultiSystemic Therapy or something. MY experience was it was a joke. Other ppl have found it VERY helpful. I think for our family we were too much in shambles by that time for it to be much help though. We placed our son somewhere shortly after that.
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