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    I have a question for a friend of mine.
    She wants to hold her daughter back next year so that she repeats kindergarten. She has an IEP and spends part of her day in a resource room type setting and part of the day in the regular Kindergarten class. I don't remember what she is classified as, but she is quite immature for her age, has fine/gross motor delays, is disruptive and aggressive with other children etc. Her mom thinks that keeping her back will give her a chance to catch up a bit. The childs K teacher thinks keeping her back is a good idea, but the school social worker does not agree. Their meeting is Monday and I just thought I would ask here as you guys have been such a tremendous help to me in the past. Can my friend insist that she is kept back, or is the final decision with the Child study team?? Her school district is not so great, but I was just wondering how this actually works. Thank you so much for any info.

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    There are pros and cons to retaining a student. She might want to do some research.

    Regarding whether she can insist on retention, she might could be successful at the IEP meeting. She might also want to check district policy. These days, it's often on-line.

    I'm not generally in favor for retaining a student due to immaturity issues (as long as academics are where they should be). I feel we sometimes trade one problem for another in these situations.

    On the other hand, moms' typically know their child best.
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    Thank you for your response, Sheila.
    I forgot to mention that important fact, she is pretty far behind academically as well. I think that in her case, moving ahead to 1st grade would most likely be a struggle for her. I am very lucky that my son is in a district that wants to help him, and for instance, this little girls speech is so poor and they just told the mother excitedly that she has "passed the test" and doesn't need speech services anymore. I think my friend has years of battling them ahead of her.
    Thank you again,
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    If she "passed the test," and mom doesn't agree, she needs to request an IEE.
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    She is going to her annual IEP meeting on moday and hear what they have to say and take it from there. Thank you so much again!