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    Haven't seen a post from you lately. How are things going for you? Any better?

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    Well - I went to charleston with my hubby last weekend - my difficult child found his way home and was here with easy child all weekend. He stayed high and drunk - I think. He was not happy that we had locked him out. He had stayed for a couple of days with us to work lawn work with a guy in our neighborhood. I really think he just wanted to hook up. Anyway - we took him back to the abandoned trailer. This is horrible. I have to go back all the time. I just wonder when this is ever - or if it will - do any good. It is so hard for me. Anyway, the police came to our door while we were gone telling easy child that people had complained about difficult child coming to their doors - or looking in the windows - so the police said this neighborhood was not good for him to be in - so I pray so much - I pray for his safety and that he is ok - I worry about him but dont know what else to do - he got a letter in the mail saying he had a court date or pay the fine for a misdemeanor charge for possession of pot - he said he will probably go to jail but he doesnt care - so - my heart is heavy - thanks for thinking of me-
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    Susan I'm glad you got to get away for awhile. You need the breaks.

    I'm sorry difficult child isn't doing any better. Maybe he's headed to his personal bottom. (one can hope) And from there he'll be able to realize the only way to go is up.

    I have a classmate in my drawing class. She's about Nichole's age. True blue difficult child. Sweet girl though, just never had anyone to give a darn about her. She gives me hope for my boyfriend who's and addict. This girl beat major drug addiction and alcoholism. (she'll always be both, but hasn't used in over 2 yrs now). She was neck deep in trouble as a teen. She found her way.

    I hope difficult child wises up soon.

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    Yes me too. thanks for the hope;