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    So I havent been on here much . But I have been taking care of me .. As well as making sure my son is ok in the Shadows after calling for safety ck on him & Letting him know Thats Wat Im willin to do to protect him ! He shows up on my doorsteps Last Sat. So I say "Son Are u ok "... He says yes ... But cops are watchin me ( YES PARANOIA ) but I got his attention as far as him runnin wild &threatening himself ! He is at his Mamaws Whom He will at least Half way listen to ! Doin better than before ... No promises But I have Hope in the matter ! Thank yall for all the prayers I still need alot .. I know this is a terribly long rd & still not fixed BUT ITS A START :)
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    That's good news and you definitely did the right thing. I did the same thing when my son kept threatening suicide, I called twice and guess what he stopped the threats because he knew I would call again. I'd just let him think Yes the cops are watching you!! Keep us posted, keep taking care of yourself and I pray your son is on the right track.
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    Thank You !!! I will certainly post progress
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    Good for you for taking care of yourself, so hard to do sometimes so be proud of that!