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    Parents, how did you respond when your adult children stopped medication?

    Hi all, I am curious to hear insights and thoughts from parents about how they addressed adult children who decided to stop medication. For context, I am currently 32 years old - I am a former difficult child who was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), anxiety and ODD and medicated with Prozac at age 5. I...
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    I'm an adult who was a difficult child. Medicated with Prozac at 5 yo for ODD/anxiety. My experience and advice. AMA.

    Hi all, I wanted to share my own experiences as a formerly difficult child with the hope that my perspective may help others through their parenting challenges. I'm 32 now and overall happy and healthy but growing up I was a horrific nightmare to deal with. From a very young age I had little to...
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    I can’t discipline my teenager

    My son struggles with depression, anger issues, sleep apnea and ADD. He does whatever he wants, and I feel helpless. I’m a single mother of 3, my oldest being my 16yo daughter, then my teenage boy who is 13 (Devin) and my youngest son who is 4. Devin doesn’t go to school. he missed 60 days last...