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Hi, I just joined today and realize that in my first post, I wrote my son's name and wish I hadn't. If it isn't a ton of work or trouble, could you delete where I say "my son Matthew, 23" and just have "my son, 23".
In search of parent support from others whom struggle with child/children with ODD/ADD I feel so alone!
Make a post above and let us know specifically what is happening. 🤗
crying, lost, empty, useless, bewildered, frustrated, baffled I just really don't know what's the point of me being here.
Hi. My husband and I are deeply involved with observing supporting and encouraging our sister in Christ as she is learning how to navigate this situation exists inside her family. Her 20-year-old son, our nephew, is a nonproductive, unemployed, narcotics user, and alcoholic.