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Oldest son is biracial, adopted, 33 yo with a fentanyl addiction, living on the streets in Phoenix without a cellphone or even I.D. We only hear from him when he can get to the library. Youngest son is 28 yo and doing well. We live in a small town outside of Atlanta, GA.
So happy to find this place! My son is 16 and struggling .My best friend has kids his age and it’s like honor roll! Omg track star! Omg so happy at prom !
I know I’m a bad person but sometimes I want to be like “ oh wow so happy for you !!!!”
Yesterday I finally said “ my son is almost at a 60 and MAY not have to stay back !!! “
She’s like 👀.
My envy isn’t cute …
I just joined. Have an older daughter who is driving me crazy…demanding, yet demeaning. Ugh
Don't even know where to begin. Adult daughter (28) and teenage (17) son have a different set of "difficulties". It's draining me. I just wanted to raise happy, successful children and I feel like my husband and I failed miserably. I feel like everything that is "wrong" with my kids is my fault because there is so much mental illness in my family.
Zaphou, come on man bet there just might be some mental health issues hiding in your family tree. Where is your empathy towards snoopylover4ever? Kids are not always planned they are sent to us by God. Mostly addiction is a family illness as we end up enabling and get kind of addicted to the drama and want to fix things. This is an older post you may never read my comment Zaphou. but feel you are out of bounds.
Hello, This Jan 1 will be 13 years since my son was killed. He was 19. My surviving son Ray is now 33 and an active addict an is homeless. He has 2 beautiful children that I had to help his mom gain full custody of. We have not spoken in almost 3 years other than horrible text messages he sends me, I have now blocked him.