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    Daughter spiraling out of control

    My 17 yr old daughter has been struggling since she was 14. Alcohol is her drug of choice but she also huffs and does other drugs occasionally. She's ended up in the ER three times because of alcohol. She's been through two IOP's with no success. She was expelled from school for being...
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    I don't know anymore if there is anything to be done to improve the situation

    Hello all, I am new here, I am not parent but step-dad to a 18 yo adult child and a 8 yo one. And today I decided to post (sorry, english is not my first language) here because we have great difficulties with the older son. The kid was great when I met him, he was 13, he was doing quite...
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    I can't handle this anymore. At my breaking point.

    My 12, almost 13 year old daughter just called me a ****ing stupid ***** and hopes I burn in hell. All because I locked my bedroom door so not to have her come in and wake me again. Sometimes I feel she has figuratively beaten my love for her out of me. The disrespectful and mean behavior...