sleep problems

  1. runawaybunny

    Bad sleep habits can depress teens

    Links to negative thoughts and perfectism Nagging negative thoughts - and striving for perfection - keep teenagers awake at night, raising their chance of becoming depressed and anxious, a new study shows. An online study of almost 400 adolescents aged 14 to 20 years confirmed the link...
  2. runawaybunny

    Quality -- not quantity -- of sleep linked to better health in teens

    With summer break and longer days ahead, parents of young teens may be wondering whether to let good sleep habits slide over the next couple of months. New research from the University of British Columbia suggests there are more benefits to a good night's sleep than simply feeling refreshed...
  3. runawaybunny

    More than half of parents of sleep-deprived teens blame electronics

    National poll: 43 percent of parents say their teen has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep; social media and cell phones cited as top reasons It's no secret that many teenagers stay up late to scroll through social media or catch up with friends on phones. And 56 percent of parents of...