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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Aug 30, 2008.

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    no headache. That is a good thing. Temperature is gone. He wandered accross the street the other day and hung out with the neighbor kids.

    Friday night he went to the High Schools first football game of the year against across town rivals. He went with a friend, but husband watched from outside the fence incase his head started hurting. Now that he is officially a High Schooler, and this is his "home school" he has something to cheer about with the other kids he knows. It was not a home game. But we won.

    Dr. said the blood tests we had done on Wednesday would take a week for some. Others a day or two. He said he would call with any results that came back abnormal this week. No call so far. Waiting for the other tests next week.

    School....OMG...I am so scared. New school, High School..I think I will cry. School Bus, all so new and scary. (probably more for ME cause I am worried about what may happen).

    I have a new plan though. The fitness club is across the street from his new school. About 5 miles away. The three days I am home I can bring him to school, work out and go home! I do work part-time with school lunch program, but they call by 7am, and they will be calling my cell. Still have enough time to workout. it's been a long time.

    Then on the days I work till noon, I can go directly to the club, get an hour in and pick him up! Sounds good. Wonder if it will work?? After working Midnight to noon, and an hour commute...Don't know if I'll be up for the afternoon workout. i usually just want to stuff my face and sleep.

    Need a backpack yet. I have school supplies, but haven't organized them yet. ONE REQUIRED supply is a calculator TI-83+ OVER $100.
    Required for Algebra I and II and engineering. RIGHT. difficult child can't get from the door to a class without losing his book, how is he suppose to take care of a calculator??? Only good thing is there are only 350 or so students in the entire school.
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    That is great news! I know what you mean about the school bus - I view it as a breeding ground for bullies and a torture chamber for victims. I can see my easy child as a victim and my difficult child learning to be a bully.

    I think parents are so concerned about their kid not being a victim that they don't look at making sure their kids doesn't become a bully. I saw bully tendencies in difficult child when he was very young and stayed on top of him to keep it from growing and becoming a habit.

    With all the current workshops out there about not being bullied, there should be help for how to make sure your child doesn't become one. What signs parents can look for and how to deal with it so the child doesn't become a bully.
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    Deep breaths.. one day at a time. You (and difficult child) will get through all of this. You are stronger than you realize. Michele
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    Good plan about the bus and the gym.

    Have you and difficult child worked out a plan for bullies or other HS issues? I know you don't want to make him anxious, but a plan is a good thing.

    Ack! Sorry about the expensive calculator. been there done that.
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    So glad to hear that difficult child has had 2 headache-free days.
    Sounds like you have good plans in place for the bus and the gym. I understand your fears about the school bus...the bus had to be the thing I hated the most about school (other than calls from the office, of course)

    One thing we did with our difficult child for his stuff...
    In his school daytimer, his EA would write a list of all the items he needed for his day's schedule. We would check off every item that we sent with difficult child to school, and his EA would check off at the end of the day that it all made it back into difficult child's backpack. If it stayed in his locker, that would be noted as well. Not perfect, but it helped us keep tabs on things. And, once a month, the head of guidance would toss difficult child's locker and fill up a bag with everything he had accumulated that shouldn't be there. husband or I would stop by the school to collect it.

    Don't know if any of the above is of use, but thought I'd mention it in case.

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    KJS How was he today?
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    How great to have two headache free days! I hope there are many more ahead. I love your new workout plan-way to take care of you!
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    Glad you got 2 headache free days. Many people don't realize how debilitating migraines and other severe headaches can be. They can really change your life, and not in a good way.

    I ahve been trying to remember the name of this book. It helped me a LOt with my headaches. It can be hard to figure out at first, but it is worth sticking with until you "get it". It is good for a lot of different health/pain issues, though I did just see a version specifically for migraines further down the page. The top book is the one I use. I haven't used the migraine version, but am planning to order it soon.


    Also helpful is a therapy cane. The brand I have is Thera Cane, though I see some other brands/versions on amazon page. It is great because it lets you rub your own back, or apply pressure to a trigger point. Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=thera+cane