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    Welcome 2ofakind, I copied your post into a new thread so it doesn't get lost in the other discussion. SRL

    I too am new to this and frustrated as well. I've spent this morning just reading post after post on this site (which I found by acciden, but glad I did)
    and thought-Wow, I am not alone!!
    I have a 5 yr son old diagnosis with-speech delays and a 4 yr old son diagnosis with-PDDNOS. Both were diagnosed around the same time (2 1/2 yrs ago).
    Right now, the 5 yr old is starting some new, but totally undesirable behavior-swearing. Even told teacher that he wanted to f@$&ing kill her!! We have tried the active ignoring, taking away tv and v-smile time, time outs-nothing seems to work. He says he'll be good and it lasts about a day. He seems to thrive on the attention the swearing gets him, but even if we don't acknowledge this, he just acts out in different ways. I'm afraid he will be kicked out of the school and will be labeled even more than he already is. Any one out there have any ideas? Even worse-4 yr is parroting the older bro!! Help!!! At wits end.........
    Me: 44 yr old mom of 4, g'ma to 1
    husband: 48 - great guy
    daughter; 27 mom to 1 beautiful girl
    DS #1-20, living large, good kid
    difficult child#1-5 yr old, speech delays, behavior disorder??
    difficult child#2-4 yr old Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
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    Hi there. I'll wait until you make your own appearance then talk more to you :) Have you considered that your first child may also be on the autism spectrum and could just be copying words he hears? My son did that at one time.
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    Hello! Boy I'm so glad I found you guys. Just reading throught some of the other threads....well....I feel like I can be myself and not have to explain myself or my kids. To the issue at hand. We had the 5 yr old tested around age 2.5-3. He came up as speech delays only. Most of the time he is your average 5 yr old. No tantrums, potty trained late, but no other issues. His speech is improving, but some days you have a hard time understanading some things. Not the swearing though. That comes out of the little angel's mouth absolutely perfect!!!! The doctor thinks he may like the way it feels when he says it, or even (gasp) all the attention. We've tried ignoring him, rewarding him, taking away favorite things, time out. None seems to work. There are days he acts like he doesn't care if we take everything!! Need some ideas...kid is not going to make it out of Kindergarten!
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    I'd have him evaluated by a neuropsychologist. Not sure which doctor is giving you advice, but any time there are speech delays (even if they get better) along with potty delays it's a good idea to have him tested in all areas. He could have high functioning autistic spectrum disorder. If so, yes, he will have a lot of trouble in school and it will likely be misdiagnosed by the educators as ADHD or defiance or just plain inattention. I'd take care of it privately. NeuroPsychs do great evaluations and catch stuff that other doctors miss because they test so intensively. Good luck :)
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    We went throught Early Intervention program when he did not talk at 2.5 yrs. He had the gamut of tests, and at the time we were told he just had the speech delays. He had speech therapy throught the Easter Seals by us, but I cancelled that since all they wanted to do was play with the toys and not help him learn. We got an in home speech therapist and that went much better. When he aged out of EI, he was put into the Early Childhood program through our school district. He was 3. He still received speech and Occupational Therapist (OT) as well. He is in a regular kindergarden and I think part of the problem is there are 31 kids in his class. He is used to 6 or 7. He is not getting the attention that he did in the preschool. Also, since his little brother is PDDNOS annd gets a little more attention at home due to the fact that he is not potty trained and does not talk well, he is not getting as much at home. Maybe I'm grasping at straws. I did make an appointment with a neuropsychologist that came highly reccommended through Early Intervention, but it will be 2 weeks before we can be seen. In the meantime, I am trying not to make a big deal out of this. I could use some quick fix suggestions. At this point-I'll try anything!!
    Thanks for letting me vent. I do feel better.