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    We had a meeting yesterday with difficult child's case manager and his teacher at the alternative school along with a member of his Positive Behavior Team.

    At the end of the meeting I told them how we just had a local Positive Behavior Support meeting at our staff meeting. I laughed because I said they showed us this triangle where most of the kids are in the 80% of doing well, 15% struggle somewhat behaviorally, and 5% need much more individualized support. I told them I know my difficult child is in that 5%. difficult child's teacher said their entire school is in that 5 percent (true since it's an alternative school for children with behavior issues-only 3 kids in difficult child's room). Then I asked where difficult child fell with-in that 5%. Surprisingly they said in the 80% of the 5% triangle (don't know if that makes sense)-meaning he responds fairly well right now to their structure.

    Nice to hear and crossing fingers it continues.
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    Adding crossed fingers and prayers for continued progress!
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    Take every positive sign you can.