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    Both my younger boys have problems with the assistant principal. She doesn't apply anything I tell her on how to handle them when it comes to correcting them. She sets them off everytime and they end up being in bigger trouble. I am not trying to get them out of trouble, but trying to keep my boys calm when they are.

    I have asked her to follow these simple steps:
    1) Speak in a low calm voice.
    2) Listen to their side of what happened without interupting them, even if they are in the wrong.
    3) E-mail me when they have been in the office or call.

    Have I asked to much? Can I put it in a 504 plan that she should not deal with them? What can I do? I have e-mailed the principal a week ago requesting that the assistant principal not deal with them. I never got a response on that issue, but she sent me a reply saying thank you for the update.
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    No, you're not asking too much.

    A thank-you note is nice, but non-responsive to the issue.

    Often it is the AP that is the school disciplinarian, so asking that the AP not be involved is not likely to happen.

    This is one of the problems with a 504 -- parents have little power in getting things addressed.

    Parent effectiveness with 504s can and does depend on the State and even the District you are in. If you were invited to the 504 meetings, then they've set a presidence of parent participation/involvement, and I'd ask that one be scheduled so this issue can be addressed.

    If disciplinary procedures are getting to be a major problem, you can request (in writing) that a FBA be performed.

    Another option would be to request (in writing) the AP be educated in your childs' disorders. It probably won't go over well....

    I'd try setting up a meeting first, non-judgemental approach, e.g., xyz are the most effective means of handling abc and I'd like them written into the 504 Plan. If that doesn't work and things deteriorate, it could be that IEP eligibility be revisited.

    Without BIP info being written into a 504 or IEP, the student is subject to the regular code of conduct. As with academics, the 504 is the guide for disciplinary matters. AKA Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)

    There is FBA and BIP info in the Sp Ed archives.