A bit of good news


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My health insurance company has decided to continue C on my policy for the next year as a dependent adult child. He will have to re-apply next year. So now he will have dental and health insurance (including mental health care)when he is released next month. Yippee!
I spoke with a psychiatrist last night who suggested he go straight into an inpatient program. I told him that I would love for that to happen, but I don't want to scare C off. I'm afraid he might run or go into a manic state if I try to get him into a hospital right away. Especially since he is going straight from isolation to the free world. So the psychiatrist suggested not only having C see him, but also a psychologist for counseling and group therapy. I've just got to figure out how I am going to get him to go through with all of this. It really is his only chance I think. Basically I have already told him that I 'expect' him to go to the doctor as a condition of living at home, but he doesn't know about the therapy yet. I think there is a part of him that wants to do this. Hopefully he will be willing...


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SJAM, I'm sending good thoughts for your difficult child's birthday. I hope he understands what a gift he has in you.



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That's absolutely awesome Still. I'm sure presenting difficult child with the idea that going to an inpatient program will be nothing like prison, but more like a controlled holiday. The benefits of having people who truly want to help him succeed surely outweighs the minor lack in freedom. I'm sure the food is better also.


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I know your fears....getting him on your insurance is huge. Maybe with the medications he has been getting he will have a clearer head to think about the therapy. Inpatient would be best, but I know your feeling that once he is out he will get that taste of freedom and think he is in control and he won't want to give that up.... Hope with the 25th birthday comes a little maturity...