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    well, me and easy child went to her college Monday and registered her. SHe was not very happy, turns out 2 classes she is supposed to take freshman year were already filled up and she could not take them, after all? She also wanted to take spanish (she has been taking it in HS) but, there were NO openings in that, either. She wound up with an 8 am class every weekday.....and a couple evening classes that start at 6 or 7 PM....I think on Mon, Wed and Fri?
    Her HS did not argue too much with me when I called them and "had a talk" with them over them telling her they would drop her from her classes at HS if she did not come to school the day we had to register her at college. They admitted they had told her they would drop her....how stupid, considering she is in top 1/2 percent of her class.

    To my shock, when we got back from her college, she went to her bfs dads house for a cookout, bonfire, and half an hour latr she texted me that she and boyfriend were broke up. They had been together 2 1/2 years. I could not have been more surprised, prom was this past weekend..they seemed to have a good time, I have never ever heard them fight or even argue.....she did not seem upset, tho, so I got the impression she broke up with him.....I worried over him, becuz his parents divorced just when easy child and boyfriend began to be together, and it has been hard, and his bro is in Navy, stationed overseas.....and this guy, well, he seemed to worship the ground easy child walked on and then some, so I worried first was he OK, and 2nd, would he handle a breakup? Or would it push him over the top and would he become stalkerish or suicidal?
    Well, surprise, the next nite, she was at work, and he stopped over cuz they had a group homework project to do, and he came to get something - a part of that project..and he said he got suspended that day...for what I thought was really dumb on schools part......
    well, next day easy child said boyfriend was dumb for getting himself suspended......but, they were able to finish the project, and the teacher waited for boyfriend to finish his suspension .....yay.

    I have been working in my yard, altho it has been so cold, I am afraid to plant much yet, becuz it has even been in 30s at nite.

    difficult child called about a job as a caregiver for a quadriplegic, she was offered mornings and nites either or or both..she has never done this before, but she did not think she would tolerate mornings very well, becuz she would have to bathe/shower the person, dress her, etc.....but, she thinks she might do OK on the bedtime part....so, she is waiting to hear back from the people....seemed like they wanted her- I know it is hard to get caregivers, and I did caregiving before I became a nurse....and I KNOW there is a shortage of providers, and also insurance often does not cover the type of care these people are needing......so, we will see how it goes.

    I continue to be stuck at same weight, I think it is now 6 weeks, in spite of following my rigid diet carefully and upping my activity dramatically. Well, I was taking comfort in fact I know I am eating very healthy.....and my liver enzymes show improvement....and my blood sugar stays stable and in a good range, BUT this week, my blood pressure for first time since I began all this at end of march, has been high...scary high. So- I am working on checking into upping better foods for that, and makeing sure none of what I do eat currently is known to raise it.....and I am checking it more often.

    So, we have some good things going on.....we are hanging in here.....sons reading is improving even more since he got his computer (from his eye doctor).....and his writing is showing slight improvement, now, too. BUT, LOL, it is getting harder for ME to get time online. Oh and- I still have not rescheduled his appointment I cancelled, Chicago still looks so-------scary--- to me. :-( I was even discussing the possibility of possibly switching his care from his doctor to one at the military base. BUT I just am not sure I want to go there, either. we LIKE his currents eye docs.........it is just their location that is hard. :-(
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    Sounds like a fairly good update dreamer. Tell easy child not to worry too much over the classes. Half the time the classes that are closed during registration week end up opening up again before school actually starts because people change their minds. Tell her to keep checking back with the registration folks. Also to try taking some of the classes she might have taken in the next semester, this semester...just swap out. They are all freshman year classes. Just dont let her get too bogged down with both day and night classes. That will wear her out. College is for fun too!
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    I'm glad to hear your liver enzymes are doing better, you need your health with all you do for your family. It's nice to see the kids grow and step out a bit, isn't it? Glad you have one starting college even with all the hassles of getting started, next year she will be a pro.I will be rooting for difficult child to get the job, it sounds like she would do well with it. I understand the trouble with the travel for your sons eye problems and that you don't really see the need as much now but I think I would still travel to were they know him and you are comfortable with them cuz it isn't that often, is it? Maybe you could ask about extending the time between visits even more.