a death in the family


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Peaches, my blue heeler, started acting a little funny a few days ago and this morning she seemed to have trouble getting down the stairs when we got up. She laid around all day and tonight when I came up to bed, she stayed downstairs. I was reading and decided to go down to get some ice and check on her and I found her dead at the top of the stairs. :sad: I guess she'd tried to get up to me but she didn't quite make it.
I know she's "only" a dog, but I've had her for a long time and she is almost like one of my kids. I'm waiting for difficult child#2 to get off work so he can at least move her off the stairs. She weighs about 70 pounds and with my sprained ankle, I don't think I can carry her down. I guess we'll have to add to the pet burial ground at the north side of our property tomorrow.
She was a good and faithful dog and I know that if dogs go to heaven, she'll be there.


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I'm so sorry, Nan. :sad: I've been up most of tonight with Miss Molly who isn't feeling well and, at 14, I worry about her as well.

Peaches has now joined Lily. I'm sure they are glad to see each other even though it's devastating to lose them.

Big hugs,


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Oh, {{{Nan}}}! I'm so sorry to hear about Peaches. Of course she wasn't just a dog! She was a trusted friend and a member of the family...


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I am very sorry for your loss. Pets are a part of the family and we always feel the impact of their loss. Life is different without them.



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Sorry to hear about Peaches,Nan.
There always seems to be a bit of a hole that a pet leaves when they pass away. I still miss Buster 3yrs later.



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Sorry for the loss of Peaches....don't know what I will do when my dog passes, he thinks I am a goddess and can do no wrong and he would protect me under any circumstances......

How old was Peaches?


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She wasen't just a dog, she was a big part of your family :frown: I feel so sad for you.Coming from a family of animal lovers I know how this can affect the whole family. It is so hard to lose a pet. The hardest part of having a pet is losing them. :sad:


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I am so sorry. I think from the posts in the past and from the responses here, It is obvious that most of us here feel like our pets are family and grieve deeply when one passes.

Hang in there and take some time to remember Peaches...


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I'm so sorry. Pets are what family is supposed to be: always there for you, loving you unconditionally. It hurts so much to lose one you love.



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Nan, I am so very sorry for your loss. Coming from another animal lover, they are never "just a dog"! I do know how you feel - I lost one of my girls at age 13 three years ago and I still miss her every single day! But now when I think of her, it's more of the happy memories and less of the pain of losing her.

Sending lots of (((hugs))).