A few nevers with an 18 month old....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. DammitJanet

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    Ok...you all must know by now that I am all goo goo over my grandbabies by now. I am a complete sucker when the picture guy spots when in the store and offers me a deal.

    I was shopping in the local Kmart yesterday and the Olan Mills representative was there and they were doing this promo where for $15 you could get a Xmas package. Cool! I signed right up.

    The only time available for today when I knew we would absolutely have her was 1:15. Not a prime time for a toddler considering it is normal naptime. We kept her up late last night and let her sleep as late as possible this morning in hopes that she would be ok today.

    No such luck...lol.

    We dressed her in this little Santa Claus dress with soft red shoes and a santa hat. She would hardly let us put her down for the photos. She cried and cried...lol. We got 1 good or semi good photo out of all the tries. I dont think she is going to be a model.

    Never ever take a toddler to take pictures at naptime! Im so glad Cory wasnt there. He would have taken it personally and yelled at her.
  2. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    I can laugh only because my Mom used to always picture naptime to get the kids pics taken professionally. Then she'd wonder why it was so hard to get them to cooperate.

    We have American Baby do Aubrey's portraits. They come to your house. Much easier. And since we always spend too much on pics anyway, just as "cheap" as everyone else.
  3. goldenguru

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    My daughter and I took my 10 month old grand to our local mall to 'meet Santy Claus'. I thought I might spring for a few pics - this being her first Christmas and all.

    When we arrived, I was a little surprised to see Santa checking his stocks or emails on his Blackberry. No, I am not kidding.

    As for darling grand daughter - was TERRIFIED of Santa and screamed bloody murder. People were actually staring. She was slightly consoled when Santa handed her a small pack of animal crackers.

    Then I looked at the prices of the picture 'packages' that you could purchase. $35.00 for the smallest little pack of photos.

    Sorry honey, grammie can't afford to have your picture taken with Santa anyway.

    Honest to goodness.

  4. Lothlorien

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    Mighty Mouse was terrified of Santa too. I got pics with him crying...I thought the pics were funny...like we tortured the poor kid. I love those pics of him screaming and she was beaming.

    Picture studios are hot with those lights. I always had a tough time getting them to cooperate for professional pics. Missy took naps every two hours, too. So, it was really hard for me to schedule her around a nap, when she was little.
  5. trinityroyal

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    A few years ago, when Little easy child was 2... he happily sat on Santa's lap and talked his ear off, until it was time to have his picture taken. He freaked out and insisted that Mummy be in the picture with him. I look :surprise: :grrr: in that year's picture (Santa, a man of the world, had Roman hands and Russian fingers if you get my drift. Sigh ) :bah-humbug:

    The following year, I roped difficult child into posing with Little easy child and Santa. At a different mall, with a different Santa, needless to say.

    (When easy child 1 was a little girl, husband used to get a friend to dress up as Santa, then he just took snapshots. I'm seriously considering that for this year's picture, if I can find someone who owns a Santa suit)
  6. Hound dog

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    OMG gg!! 35 bucks for pics with Santa??? :smile:

    I thought 15 was bad, but we got 2 5x7's and several wallets.

    I remember moaning with my kids when it was 5.00.

    Lil Aubrey evidently fell in love with Santa this year. Once we sat her on his lap we had one heck of a time getting her to get up. :rofl: She liked it just fine where she was. :santa:
  7. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member

    When we took Keyana to see Santa at the mall she was quite interested in seeing him until she figured out that it meant that she was expected to go up and sit on his lap. Oh heck NO!!!!

    We had to get Cory to sit on his lap too and even then she is still crying and reaching out to me in the picture...lol. I think its adorable!
  8. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    Not only do they have the nerve to charge $35.00, they won't let you take your own picture!
  9. TerryJ2

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    Our local newspaper is publishing photos of kids screaming and crying with-Santa. No kidding. They're asking for photos to be mailed in.
    I'm hoping they're all pics of kids who are now adults and think it's funny.
  10. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    The very first Christmas following my separation from exh I took the girls for a photo with Santa, thinking that it might make them happy. Well, the passed out in the car on the way and of course, being only 20 minutes into a car nap made for very bad pictures. They look like members of the Addam's Family. easy child looks like she just found out her dog died and difficult child is all hunched over looking like Igor at dinner time. I mean, they were by far the WORST holicday photos of all time. And they cost me $25.

    For years I thought their faces were in part due to heartbreak over our separation and that they were still in shock. And maybe that was it, but my God, it is heartbreaking whenever I come across that old photo. I don't know why I haven't thrown it out!
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Yeah - I liked the year (age 2 1/2) that Santa suggested that Mommy come sit on Santa's lap too. Dude got a coloring book and Mommy got a goose!


    (turned out Santa was a good friend) but I still think he dipped his mug in the eggnog one too many times.