A few yrs ago, this would have sent me into orbit. Now, I just roll my eyes ...

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    The email I just sent:

    Dear Ms. J and K,

    difficult child told me that he showed up for math yesterday and that there was a male teacher who had a sort of Irish name, McI..., maybe? And that difficult child didn't realize he was in the wrong room until afterward.
    I have no idea to whom he gave his homework.
    I trust that everything will be straightened out next week and that the late paper will be recorded as on time.
    And I hope that he paid attention! :)
    All the best,

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    And since I messed up the salutation, I thought I'd share with-you the "correct" procedure, which I disagree with, since I do not intend to say, "Hey, Smith!" in email ...

    Monsieur, M., Madame, Mme, Mademoiselle, Mlle[TABLE="class: sites-layout-name-one-column sites-layout-hbox"]
    [TD="class: sites-layout-tile sites-tile-name-content-1"][TABLE="width: 800"]
    [TD="width: 800"]Monsieur is abbreviated M. (use period, exception to Webster's).

    Madame is abbreviated Mme (no period).

    Mademoiselleis abbreviated Mlle (no period).

    In general, do not use these social titles in editorial copy. Instead, on first use give a person's full name; in subsequent references use only the last name.

    See also Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., TITLES OF PERSONS.[/TD]

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    and chuckle, right?? Poor difficult child but thanks for the laugh. Did it phase him at all??
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    You crack me up.