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So I got the call...

2 Days into my son's new summer camp and they've already called threatening to take my son's fieldtrips away if he can't calm down.

I guess he's been running away from the staff, going into the girls' bathroom and just, frankly, not listening to anyone.

The staff came up with a brilliant idea, that if my son feels as though he's going to be out of control, he'll make a hand signal to the staff and they'll have him go off by himself an color.

Not to knock their ideas, but does anyone, actually, think this method will work? It'd be nice if it did, but I can't say I have much faith. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

The staff want to have a nice, big talk on Thursday morning. I can't wait... Maybe I should write a resume for my son and just start handing those out to everyone who encounters him. Heh... *sigh*

One thing I'm kinda peeved about, and, please, I'd LOVE some opinions on this, is that I noticed, while sitting down at his camp to discuss the letter the staff wrote about his behavior, when this little girl came over and stuck her face in mine inquiring about what I was reading and doing, I had to stare at the staff to do something and they called the girl to them while LAUGHING about her actions (holy run-on sentence, Batman).

My son, later, told me, when he was screwing around in the girls' bathroom, the staff were laughing then, too, which made him want to do it more.

Is this enough to set a fire in anyone's eyes and have the urge to set the staff ablaze?!?!

My God, I can't wait for therapy.

P.S. It drives me crazy that these daycares give out such crappy wages, that the only staff they can get are 16 year olds who, most of them, have no clue what they're doing (nor do they care).
Having worked at a preschool, I understand the frustration of doing one of the most important jobs in the world, and getting paid the worst. Where's the motivation to care? Luckily, I was one of the few staff that looked at the kids' wellbeing, over the paycheck, but, sad to say, it's a rare find...


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Sounds like this may not be the best fit for your son.

Try making a list of strategies that usually work with your son, and be prepared to teach them these strategies at your Thursday meeting.

Good luck, I hope things get better.

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I'm sorry camp is not going well. In the past my difficult child has had problems at day camp but then they started providing an aide and he did much better. Now one rides the bus with him (doesn't sit right by him) to make sure things go smoothly. I think other work with him when he is having difficulty.


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Gotta love the laughing from the staff. I mean, you know thats helping matters, don't you? Geez...I love ignorance.

Sorry its not working out.

I helped out during 5th grade camp this year and we had two boys in our group with problems. I found having them lead or give input helped. It made them feel superior and gave them an outlet to show it. Some already feel this way, but this gave them a way to get it out, others who don't feel this way, felt comfortable as the assistant camp instructor. It brought one out of his shell and kept the other from interupting inappropriately.

Good luck on Thursday!


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Thank you all for your input. I didn't have too many ideas for suggestions until you, AllStressedOut, gave that bit of advice. I'm going to try that, and I have high hopes for it. I think a one-on-one counselor would do well, also, but I think the camp complained about doing that, before. They said they didn't have the resources or something.

I'll let everyone know how it goes tomorrow. On a good note, I looked over the camp schedule and realized their first fieldtrip isn't until next week. Thank goodness...