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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by sweetiegirlz, Nov 1, 2007.

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    So, I have identified the "biggest" trigger for difficult child's rages and of course it is PMS.
    difficult child started her period 3 days ago. quite frustratingly too, we go on at almost the same times so we are grouchy as you know what together.

    Wow, it only took me 5 months to figure that out. Geez.

    But what I really need to know is if anyone's difficult child is having rages during PMS time, WHAT DO YOU DO to make it better or less painful for them?

    She's been much more mellow now that she's a few days into it.
    She is at least co-operating to clean her room, has been showering and talking to me in a normal tone of voice.

    I have been getting up now at the time they get home from school instead of sleeping in until 6pm before I go to work.

    It's working a little better. They don't trash the house as much and have their friends over.
  2. susiestar

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    What do you do?

    Stock up on dark chocolate or milk chocolate. Dark helped me most. I can remember husband putting a bag of Dove dark on the bed next to me and slowly backing out of the room! :rofl:

    Talk to a psychiatrist about this. Take her to a gynecologist. Make sure the gyn knows about the other problems. They may have suggestions.

    Exercise is good, esp if you can send them out to do something like mow the lawn or shovel snow or take a walk without you. They get the endorphins and you get a break!!! :thumbsup:

    Ask the docs or pharmacist if midol or pamprin are OK to try. Ask for a prn (as needed) medication for pms.

    See if there are any herbal remedies that help. The natural treatment forum would be helpful here.

    Chocolate is helpful.

    My husband tried hypnosis tapes to get through my pms. Didn't help me at all, but he slept and so did the kids!!!! :smile:

    PMS is really hard sometimes. I had great huge tons of help from prozac, though none of the other medications of this kind helped.

    Soaking in a bubble bath may help calm her - or you.

    I hope something here helps.

  3. busywend

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    I have this problem, too. My difficult child spirals during the week before. Which we happen to be in RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Life is soooo not good right now.

    I have not found a solution because my difficult child refuses to take 'another pill'. I am lucky she will take her adderall, but I can not get her to try anything else. Even over the counter or natural supplements.
    Melatonin for sleep.
    Midol for PMS.
    Even a multi-vitamin.

    So, I have no luck. But, I would try Midol first. If that does not work. I have heard Prozac for the week before period workds great. One week a month.
  4. flutterbee

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    I just try to become invisible and avoid direct eye contact. So far, I'm still kicking. :rofl:

    But, sadly, I'm not kidding. We've got enough other issues that I'm not even addressing this one right now. It's short-lived, relatively speaking, and just not worth it to me at this point in time. When we get everything else under control, then I'll deal with this one.
  5. Stella Johnson

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    I used to have the absolute worst PMS. Dark chocolate helps a little but there is always "the pill". Not sure if you want to go there yet but it has helped me immensely.

  6. crazymama30

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    Try a birth control pill, there are several that are made to help with PMS. You could tell her they are hormones to help with her PMS, not a total lie?
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    Let's see ... I do my best to avoid eye contact, hide in my room as much as humanly possible and talk to her even less. Mine really can't take many medications -- seems to react to almost anything -- so, I really have to tough it out. She is clueless when her period is. Fortunately, she is very regular, so I keep it on a calendar she can't see (otherwise, it would be another fit because I "don't trust her," "invasion of her privacy," and whatever else she could think of. When I know it's coming, I just do my best to not be near her.