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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Tiapet, May 29, 2010.

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    You know, I know the things I have to hide in this house but I NEVER thought I had to hide my VITAMINS too! Although they are gummy vitamins I still never thought I had to hide them from the too younger difficult children who, by age, really are too old to be doing this ****!

    I have gummy vitamin D and calcium (one gummy with both in) because I am severely deficient in D and my calcium levels have never been good so not only has the doctor prescribed me D in prescription form (these I have with all my other pills) but I also picked up some gummy ones for supplemental because they were on the mark down shelf and it was a really good deal. I had just transferred 1 bottle into the second bottle because it was more efficient to have just one bottle half full (even though it was just opened) then 2 bottles laying around.

    Well, went to take them tonight and what do I find, it's gone!!! Immediately I asked both of them because I knew where it was and I knew instinctively what had happened. Both of them boldfaced stood there and lied to me that they didn't do it over and over, telling me I wasn't looking for them. Finally little dude begins helping but also says his sister did it (I had already strongly suspected her as she is my theif of all things in this house, particularly food related and gummy vitamins are like gummy candy I suppose).

    I just can't believe that neither of them took the time to stop and read the label on it that clearly stated that they were "gummy vitamins"! They are tooo old for this ****. Between them they ate almost 120 gummies. I checked because the next thing I did was freak about what would happen with a vitamin overdose. Thankfully they will be alright and neither had displayed any of the signs or symptoms of it all day and they ate them early this morning.

    Little dude is scared now (good he ought to be!) but middle one still states she didn't do it but won't speak otherwise and giving major attitude (as she does worse when she does wrong). Suddenly quickly also wanted to go to bed. Yup, guilty as we knew. I know he most likely will not follow her lead ever again (she stole but he joined in) and next time he will rat her out.

    But seriously vitamins?????
  2. Andy

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    My sisters and I ate a bottle of vitamin C when we were little. They were orange flavor and very good. Hard to believe it but we really were PCs. We also didn't get colds for a very long time.

    However, vitamins can be dangerous. It was a good thing that you investigated the possibilities and I am glad to hear they are doing fine.
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    I ate a bottle of baby aspirin once, just because it was tasty. I was old enough to know better, but did it anyway. I'm now allergic to aspirin!.
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    You know, I think those gummy vitamins are just a bad idea. My hubby came home with a huge bottle of children gummy vitamins from Sam's. I have to lock ours up. Just putting them up high was not safe enough because the kids would move furniture & reach them. My younger kids are easy child but it's still an issue in this house so you are not alone!
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    I ate an entire bottle of Flintstone vitamins once.
    I was about 5.
    When someone told me that my organs would all be enlarged to 10X their normal size because of what I had done, I was terrified.

    Yeah, you have to hide them.
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    Slightly off-topic, but the TV news tonight (Aussie TV) was talking about a new trend in Sydney nightclubs - ecstasy doses in the form of sweets, like little jelly lollies. The authorities are horrified, because little kids could find these and scoff the lot, thinking they're a bag of sweets. Apparently the drug pushers think this can help them sneak the stuff past the cops, but sniffer dogs won't discriminate - if it's got ecstasy in it, they'll sniff it out whether it's in pill form or confectionery form.

    Something else to watch out for...

  7. TerryJ2

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    Oh, dear.
    I am hoping that dogs' sense of smell is so strong, they can smell the drug through the sugar.
  8. Marg's Man

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    They can, that's why the cops are not too worried about being able to detect the drugs.

    The biggest worry is something similar to what happened at Tiapet's place but with ecstasy!

    Marg's Man
  9. GoingNorth

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    husband was into Search and Rescue. His SAR dog could smell a person from a weeks old track. My Gryphon is a retired tracking dog. His nose is incredible. He had to retire due to arthritis and no longer being able to handle clambering over rough ground.

    I knew a police dog handler in Germany who had a "corpse dog" that had sniffed out a long decomposed body from UNDER several feet of CEMENT slab!

    Trust me. Drugs are easy by comparison. These were all Shepherds. They have extremely acute noses, but not the very best out there. Beagles and bloodhounds actually have better sniffers on them.
  10. Tiapet

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    Mt overall concern is that they are 11 and 13 and should known better! The 13 yo has serious issues with stealing to begin with, especially all things related to food. My thoughts are that little dude (11) just followed her lead when normally he wouldn't have had he known what they really were but thinking they were candy. The fact that NEITHER of them even stopped to read the bottle! (admitted) And finally, that with 13 yo, her problem with eating is so big that this just shows me more concern that in the future someone gives her something that is laced with a drug, it won't matter she will take it because this is how she is and we've talked so many times about not taking food of any kind (including candy, etc..) from anyone including her friends because you just don't know! Her older sister even laid into her about the dangers and what could happen and all. She just doesn't get it/care? We don't know but it's so darn dangerous. It's like we have to babysit her every minute of the day and someone must be with her at all times because the world at large is a dangerous place for her and from the outlook (looking at her/being around her) most people would not/could not see this as she appears perfectly normal for the most part other then immaturity that comes out if your around her a bit.
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    Gosh I can only imagine having two mansters! You sure do have your hands full.