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Last spring husband had a student in one of his classes who was having to leave class all the time for a sick baby. The child turned out to have a monster case of eczema and was very little, under 6 mos old, and nothing the docs rx'd was helping. The student confided in husband that he thought he was going to have to drop out because all his time and his wife's time was spent in dr offices or with a baby in pain.

I make a cream for my own skin because nothing the dr's give or suggest helps me. I have done a lot of research and have come upon one that is easy to make, feels great and really helps heal. It is also much less expensive than many other creams or lotions. The best part is that it is all food grade ingredients which makes it totally safe. Almost every skin product I have tried ends up hurting and often makes my skin just fall apart, leaving big sores that kinda look like bedsores and hurt like heck.

I put some of a fresh batch of cream into a jar and included a letter with the ingredients and the reason why I use each ingredient. I stressed that it is all food safe so it is safe for topical application in a way that most rx products are not.

This semester husband has the young man in 2 classes again. Today he learned that the cream I sent did what nothing else did - it cleared up the eczema and now the baby is happy and healthy. The young man and his wife did have to make mroe of the cream because they still use it on the baby and on themselves. They passed the recipe on to a friend and a couple of relatives with similar skin issues and they also are much improved.

This makes me feel good. I know how hard it is to have a baby that is sick and nothing you do helps to the point that you cannot continue with normal life and the whole family is stressed and miserable. I am so happy that it helped. At some point I may start making the cream for sale, but we are not at that point. I am just happy it helped.

I get so frustrated with all the skin products out there. Companies don't seem to realize that the skin is the biggest organ we have and that it absorbs all those artificial and/or harmful ingredients that we put on it. So many of them are not even needed but we don't realize it until we have problems and trace it back to them. The older I get, the more sensitive my skin gets, and it is so hard to get a dr to understand this. I don't see why the more natural products are not what we reach for first, esp for skin problems. I turned to food safe ingredients and the difference is so incredible. The creams and oils I make feel so amazing and luxurious but would cost the earth if I didn't make them myself! If anyone wants the recipe, feel free to ask - it is easy and can be tweaked to fit your needs easily!

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Susie, that's amazing. My daughter has an immune disorder which sometimes affects the skin, with horrible, horrible eczema. Thankfully, she hasn't yet experienced those symptoms. Thank God for someone like you who has figured out how to relieve such an uncomfortable and maddening skin issue. I wish that everyone who needs it could have access to your wonderful product, and just knowing that it's all food grade, no dyes, etc. that's just incredible. You have a gift for healing! Kudos to you!
Suzie, my husband has eczema that at times has covered so many parts of his body. He has been going to a Dermatology Clinic at a research hospital in TO. It has definitely improved, but at times they become terrible sores from the itching. Would you be willing to share you recipe? It would be so much better for him to stay away from the very strong cortisone creams that he ends up using when this flares up so badly.
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Susie, I have a granddaughter with the most dreadful eczema. She is married with two children and it still hasn't gone away. My daughter (her mother) also has it, and two other children of hers. They all have asthma too. I would be interested in your ointment recipe. Do you want to do it with a PM or can you put it here?

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Those cortisone creams can be the worst! While they can reduce some symptoms, you need to be super careful because they actually thin out the skin, leaving it vulnerable to all sorts of things. Plus they can burn, at least they can feel that way to me. Did you know that many, if not most of the OTC creams for eczema and psoriasis have camphor in them? Yes, that stuff from mothballs is supposed to be the 'medicine' in many so-called 'medicated' creams. I don't know if it is toxic to people, but I know it is super harsh on the skin and it makes me tons worse rather than better.

My recipe is easy to make. The last batch took about 10 min, but only because I needed a bathroom break and Jess left a good book in there (sad, but true - my kids used to call the bathroom "mommy's reading room", lol!)

One of the things you need to do before you can make the cream is choose your ingredients. I always use refined shea butter and illipe butter. I get them from ebay, usually from 1 of 2 specific sellers. The ingredients that I change are the type of oil and essential oils. Shea and illipe butters are great for your skin and are very healing and soothing. Oils all have different properties, and some people prefer different ones.

It is super easy to find grapeseed oil, olive oil, and rice bran oil. For skin issues I generally use rice bran oil because it is not as heavy and it is one of the least likely oils to cause problems. It also feels wonderful on the skin. Grapeseed oil has a greenish color but that isn't a problem. It is also very healing and has other beneficial properties. Olive oil is also great for the skin, though I find it a bit heavy for my taste. There are more exotic oils, but I generally use one of these or a mixture of these for the cream. I have had good results from any of these oils, though rice bran is my favorite.

You can get these oils in the grocery and may have them in the kitchen. I got my rice bran oil from Big Lots of all places - a big bottle was only $6.

The basic recipe is 1 part shea butter, 1 part illipe butter, and 1 part oil. I use a scale to measure them by weight, but you can use a measuring spoon or cup if you want. I have done it that way many times before I got my scale.

Put the shea and illipe butters in a dish to melt. You can use a double boiler or put the dish into a larger dish of hot water if you want. Just don't get the water too hot to put yuor finger in - you don't want the butters to get too hot, just hot enough to melt. You can also melt them in the microwave using short intervals at 30%-50% power. Start iwth 30 seconds, then stir and add time in 10 second intervals until almost totally melted. Then stir until it is totally melted.

Add the oil to the melted butter and stir well. Then add a few drops of essential oil and stir well. I like to use lemon ess oil because I love the smell and it has antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties. I sometimes use lavender ess oil, or rose absolute ess oil - they each have beneficial properties for the skin. If you have a hard time finding lemon essential oil, check the baking section of Michael's or Hobby Lobby type stores for LorAnn natural lemon oil. It works very well, just make sure it is natural and has no artificial ingredients.

At this point you can add a few drops of Vit E oil to help preserve the cream. I usually don't do this because I make very small batches and don't keep it around for months and months. You can either buy pure vit E oil or get the gelcaps in the vitamin section and pop open a few of them to squeeze the oil into the mixture.

Stir well and let the oil sit until it firms up. You can put it in the fridge if you want, but it should solidify on the counter. If you need it to set up fast, put the container into an ice water bath and stir until the mixture is opaque and firm. It won't be really hard but should not be runny either (if it is runny when fully cooled, melt a bit more of the butters and stir in, then let cool again).

You are ready to use it. If you want to give it a super luxurious feel, take a small whisk and whip it up like mousse or whipped cream. It will feel wonderful going on. If you do this and then the oil gets to hot, it will lose the air that was whipped into it. This won't hurt it, and you can leave it alone or whip it up again.

The description sounds way more involve than it is. You basically measure out equal amts of shea butter, illipe butter and 'of oil. melt the butters, stir in the oil, add essential oils as desired (or leave them out entirely if you want), and then let it cool.

This can be stored at room temp for several weeks or in the fridge for longer.

I hope this helps and that you enjoy it!


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Living in the pacific north west I wonder if I can find the ingredients locally? I would love to make this for my friend who suffer from excema.

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I order the butters from ebay as there are no reliable local sellers. I think one of the organic groceries sells shea butter, but it was about 4 times what I pay for it on ebay - including the shipping!