A normal problem for a change


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My difficult child has been making remarkable progress. I'm not ready to risk the board jinx by even thinking of changing her difficult child status but . . .

She is still delivering pizza, living with 3 roommates, paying her own bills (for the most part), and has just started back to college this week.

We had a little excitement last night, though. difficult child called me at 11:00 just as I was falling asleep. She had locked her keys and cell phone in the car while at a Blockbuster by her house. She borrowed the phone at Blockbuster and only knew my number by heart. She was upset because Blockbuster was closing and she didn't know what to do.

husband was out of town so I got dressed and headed over to pick her up. She was really sweet and kept apologizing since she knew that I had to get up at 5:30 the next morning. I took her back to her house so she could look up the number for a locksmith and then we headed back to her car to wait.

As we sat in my car, we passed the time chatting about television shows and celebrity gossip. She said, "You know what mom? I think that our relationship is really getting better. It's like we are friends now."

I have to admit that I was glad that it was dark in the car since that made me get teary-eyed. I told her that I agreed and then made a joke that I wasn't ready to go partying with her. She laughed and said, "That's okay, I really don't want a mom like Lindsay Lohan's mom."

She asked if I was really mad at her since I was only going to get a few hours of sleep (the locksmith didn't get there until 12:15). I told her that I really couldn't be mad since I had done the same thing more times than I cared to admit. I even fessed up to her about the time when she was three months old and I managed to lock her and the keys in the minivan. I had to call husband who left work and made it to the shopping center where we were in record time. All I could do was stand there and helplessly look at her though the window (thankfully it wasn't hot out). I told difficult child that she just sat in her car seat laughing and cooing while I stood looking through the window in tears.

So although I ended up getting only four hours of sleep, it actually turned out to be a nice experience. After years of chaos, hurt, and difficult child drama, it was nice to have a nice, normal, easy to solve problem with difficult child (although it did set me back $85 which difficult child says she will pay back).

Please keep those fingers and toes crossed that she stays in school this time. She seems really serious about it. One of the things she kept saying last night is that she needed to get into her car since she had class today and didn't want to miss it.

Maybe one day I can even call her my easy child. Do I dare hope?


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Glad you two got to share some talking time during the mini crisis.

I'm guilty of locking myself out of the house. lol Don't think I'd be too hard on a kid for a similar situation. It'd make me feel like a hypocrit. :blush: Truth is, these things just happen, and usually at the worst time of day.

Sounds like she's doing really well. Keeping a good thought and fingers crossed that it continues.



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What a special time you shared.
Little glimmers of normal have to give us hope that the person in there is the one you always knew was there.
Enjoy the wonderful memory.


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Awwww.....that just makes me smile.

Now mom...get a copy of those keys made and keep them at your house...lol. I honestly cant fault her either though...I have already lost one set of my brand new car keys...lol.


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Yep, I've done it, too. Twice!

What a great story, Kathy. A good bonding moment. I have a lump in my throat!



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Another awwwwwwwww. Let's hope that this continues. Minus the locked keys, of course.

I also locked my keys in the car when Daughter was about 15 months old. I strapped her in her car seat, shut the door, and then realized...... :surprise: This was before cell phones were common. I ran back into the bank and they let me use their phone.

Auto club had to come and jimmy the door for me. I was in a panic the whole time.

Interestingly, MY Mom has called ME twice in the last couple of years to let her in her house because she locked herself out. There doesn't seem to be an age limit on this kind of thing.


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hallelujah ! :bow:

that sounds like a bonding moment. I am so glad she is doing well. :bravo:

All body parts are crossed that she stays in school.


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That is wonderful that she was able to see your relationship getting better. I got a little teary eyed myself while reading your post :smile:

Yes, there is hope that someday you may be able to change her status to easy child!!


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Aw Kathy...it sounds like the commercial

....keys locked in car...$85.00...time spent bonding with difficult child daughter...priceless :smile:

what a very special moment.. :princess: