A Note to Men, Everywhere...


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Unless it is designed to revolve at 40,000 rpms, once the s-c-r-e-w (nut; bolt; etc.) is securely fastened (or lid is on the jar), there is <span style="color: #CC0000"><span style='font-family: Arial Black'>absolutely no reason whatsoever</span></span> to "give it one more turn" to cinch it "good and tight"!!!!



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The string in the shade that covers the sliding glass door broke and needs to be replaced. The dog can't get in or out and I don't want him tearing it up - it's finally a sunny day and even I wouldn't mind going out side! It is held up with three small clamps that are :censored2: tightened. I figured I would take the shades down so that at least we could get in and out, and husband would have no choice but to fix it or help me fix it. Believe me, this is not an easy task - to get him to take on any project even if it is making his life difficult to not do it.

If you're not using it, it won't matter if it's loose or tight. If you are using it and it comes loose, you'll notice.

It took ten minutes and a step-stool that was of no help at all, and my shoulders ache like crazy! Not to mention I got so ticked off I scared the dog! To lift my arms over my head is difficult at best. But I will just never understand why men feel that they have to tighten everything so tight that it crushes it or strips the threads or the head or you have to break it to get it open! Is it just because they can and it makes them feel manly?


"Edge the lawn, for crying out loud - you'll look like a real he-man to me!"



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I think this male behavior starts very early, in the teenage years. :cool:

The bag boys in the grocery store seem to think that they get extra points for jamming the carts together so tightly that they're like they were welded to each other! I've seen them do this! :laugh: You try to get one cart and you've got twelve of them, all stuck together! This is not a coincidence!

Or how about the people in the tire stores who put the lug nuts back on so super tight with those air wrench thingies ... I guess that's what they call them. You better hope that that tire never goes flat on you and you're stranded on the side of the road somewhere because no normal human being will ever be able to get those boogers off again with just that little thing in your trunk! :mad:

Yep! It's a male plot alright!

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Yesterday I had to have husband open a jar for me. When I handed him the jar, he gave me that look of "gee, you can't open this yourself?" And then HE had trouble opening it! Ha!


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I have had to open jars for H! Even difficult child once had to open a jar for him. And he builds houses for a living!

I hate when they grocery bagger boy packs my bags like I get to pull my car right up to the fridge. Hello? I have 15 stairs and two doors to get through with those bags. Ugh. And it's even worse when they bag my meats in the same bag as my fruits - stupid stupid stupid. I bag my own now!

H bought me a lawn mower one year because my little squaty one was on the fritz. Well, he bought me this awesome Husqvarna deluxe mower, which would have been awesome since he spent something like $400. It would have most excellent if he'd sprung the extra $50 for a self propelled mower! But no, Mr. Cheap didn't buy the self propelled one so my favorite summer workout is impossible now. I can't even budge the mower he bought me and so now the lawn is his job....stupid stupid stupid. hahah

Oh, this is a great vent. ;o)