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We had a psychiatrist appointment. for difficult child today. First time in a long time we were able to give such a positive report. :smile: First time in a long time we didn't change any medications! :smile:

Also when he and I were walking out of swimming lessons he put his arm around me and let me put mine around him-something usually reserved only for dad. :smile:

Then he came in my room when I was napping and laid down and went to sleep too. :smile:

All in all a very good day! :smile: (Thought after the post the other day I would share a good one!)


Sharon, I'm so happy for you! Lamictal's been a good choice, huh? Hope the progress continues, and you enjoy many pleasant days this summer.

It really makes me happy when one of "our" difficult children has a great day!!! :smile: It is so nice that your difficult child lets you know how much he loves you every now and then... :smile:

I'm hoping that tomorrow is an equally good day for you and difficult child!!!

Thanks for sharing some good news with us!!! WFEN


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Sharon, what absolutely wonderful news, warms my heart to hear :smile: I wish you many, many, many more of these kind of days :dance:


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Oh Sharon - I'm just beaming here for you!! :smile:

Sometimes I'm almost greatful for having a difficult child and having had really bad days because it sure makes me so thankful for the good days. We sure do appreciate the small stuff, don't we?? :smile:

I hope you have many more days like this!!!


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>When one of our difficult child's has a good day it makes me smile. The board aunties all smile with you. Enjoy every positive day you get. </span>