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    difficult child is currently getting settled into a new Department of Juvenile Justice school. There is a glitch in the classes they gave him and they obviously threw him in anything without looking at his IEP, academic record, goals or anything else. He is still eligible and wants to pursue the advanced diploma, believe it or not. I am steadfast in that I won't harm him academically if at all possible. He wrote me a lett that I received Tuesday. It included this statement:

    "They didn't give me a History class. I hate history classes but I know I need it and have to take it. I am going to have to talk to someone to figure out if I can get into one."

    I have called and advocated for him to get into a history class. I wrote difficult child back and told him I have done so. I forgot to tell him that this statement alone (above) shows more maturity in him and responsible decision making than I have ever seen in him.

    Why can't he be that way ITRW? If he could, he could have most of his dreams- I think he's blown the one about the military though. But I don't know- the cutting the money out of my pocket is actually classified as grand larceny and not assault of any sort, even though it was less than $100.

    They had given him three core classes, PE, and four electives. The electives were things like Commercial Cleaning. Maybe that's what woke him up.
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    How great that he is thinking about his future. Knowing he needs to take the history class (even though he hates it) and being willing to talk to someone about it does show some maturity! Good for difficult child!
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    Yeah...now if he could think that way ITRW. Out here he was skipping the classes, stealing from me, lying to everyone, etc....

    Still, I need to remember to brag on him for thinking this way now and support whatever positive signs I see in him. The fine line you know....He's 15yo, not 21 yo but not 6 yo.
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    yes good point you made, yet as you said he did good he really did. sounds very mature, the whole i gotta do it and i'll suck it up!! :)

    i love hearing the good stuff!! that's great