a quiet day, with tasty food


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Possible this should go under the Healthy Things forum, but what the heck - time for a happy post celebrating nothing in particular.

First - I love to spatchcock chicken. I've been a butcher/meat cutter, did who knows how many chickens in how many ways when I worked at the co-op. So boning a chicken is so much a no-brainer I can have fun with it. The kiddos think it's great when I make "flat chicken" - bone out everything but the wings and drumsticks, arrange the floppy carcasses on a rack over the deep pan, season with paprika, garlic and onion powder, salt & pepper, bake at 425 for an hour or something until the skin is crispy and meat is cooked through.

Well, in order of preference my chickens of choice are: backyard, Empire, Petaluma, Foster Farms. Not really trusting anything else. I'm like the only Jew (which is to say, brought up as such but have other ideas about religion these days) within a 30 mile radius, it seems like, so not driving 60 miles just to buy an Empire chicken. Petaluma is mostly over the border in CA, and our Wally's was out of Foster Farms.

So yesterday with no other options, Blacksmith came home with T*son brand. I trust T*son like I trust my daughter to not rifle my drawers, and if THEY can't be comfortable selling a whole chicken that doesn't have "up to 12% chicken broth added, chicken broth contains chicken, salt and 'flavorings'" then why should I trust their quality?

I drained off the nasty 12%, rinsed the heck outa the carcasses, wiped them dry, and performed my magic. They did ooze a lot of broth that went into the fridge, it's a treat for the dogs. The bones I boned out also go to the dogs - we feed our pups a raw diet and they aren't as brand-picky as I am. (We've been feeding them like that for years, they have brilliant white teeth, no dog breath, and heck - Cowboy the 2.5 lb deer-leg chihuahua is built like a tiny pocket pit-bull.)

The kids loved it of course. The 2 year old gets the drummettes, the 6 and 9 year old get the drumsticks and other wing parts, and we adults get everything else.

So today for lunch, the kids had sliced chicken breast browned in the skillet, plus apple sauce for dippies. We have *gallons* of the stuff in our root cellar, plus some bags in the freezer from when we ran out of canning jars.

Kiddo and I had tomato-okra soup with chicken. The tomato part was the very chunky sauce I canned about 14 months ago, it needs to be used and it was end of the zucchini season so their skins were tough, and nobody much liked that batch. BUT running a jar through the Foley food mill made a really nice soup base. I heated it up to a good boil, tossed some of my blanched frozen okra into soup bowls, added the chicken then poured the boiling hot soup over. By the time the okra thawed it was all perfect - and not only did Kiddo love it, but the 2 year old insisted on having some of mine. She probably ate about 1/3 of it, making Yum! Sounds! Yum! the whole time.

The reason it's kind of funny is that the "Tomatoes Taste Like Death" gene runs strongly in her dad's family, and each child has to be "tested" to see if they like tomatoes. The Boy *really* wanted to like tomatoes, hates that his sisters can nom the cherries out of the garden, but the last time he tried, I swear he nearly puked, actually grabbed a towel and was wiping his tongue with it.

That's about it, I also made mayo today and we got some kitchen cleaning out of the way. We actually had rain most of the day, which is not typical weather for us.

And speaking of weather - you folks around the Difficult Child area can expect a wet, snowy noreaster 'round Wednesday, according to the computer models. I'm sort of a weather geek too. :)


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I came across a Facebook group that may be right up your alley: Punk Rock Homesteading. It's way beyond my suburban-self but I bet you'd fit right in. ;)

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Tyson chicken is disgusting. Tastes like plastic. I don't want to know why it would taste like that. ick

Purdue chicken tastes like they soaked the carcass in salt until completely saturated. I bought one.......never will repeat that mistake.

I'm lucky as here I can buy Amish raised chicken just as cheap (often cheaper) than any other type. My girls and I are looking into a source for Amish raised pork, I wish he had beef too.

This week I plan to be dehydrating potatoes and carrots. Also making a 2nd batch of dog food for Maggie. (I will never attempt to substitute can spinach for raw again, the smell turned her off) Travis wants me to try jerky on the dehydrator first but I'm starting out with something easy. lol

nerfherder is making mayonnaise difficult? I was just thinking the other day that is something I'd like to learn how to make from scratch. Would you share your recipe, please......pretty please?

As for tomatoes? I thought they were foul growing up. I didn't even like catsup. Only thing I could stand was tomato soup........and my mom nearly ruined me on that attempting to make it fresh from the garden. (she's a baker, not a cook by a long shot) As an adult, I love them.........although I'm still no big fan of catsup. lol


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You sound like an interesting person to know! We are going to get some biddies in when Easter gets here. Thats when all the farm stores get their stocks in because they want to advertise baby chicks for Easter. We have plenty of room to put up chickens for both egg layers and both cornish game hens and the larger white rocks for eating. With the price of chicken going up, we could save a ton. I love those little cornish game hens. As long as I dont have to do the killing and butchering, Im good.

Tony already gets us about 4 to 5 deer a year. Someone has offered us another one recently that is just going to go to waste from a hunting club and we are jumping on it. Thankfully I bought a larger freezer last year. We do mostly freezing rather than canning because I am not good at that. We got a bunch of collards in December and put them in the freezer. We are about to use the last of them. Next year we will put more up. Last year I made a big thing of pear freezer jam but I dont know if my tree will bare. If not I may go to the farmer's market and get a bunch to put up. I cant can but I can do freezer jam.

I think I would really like that chicken recipe because it sounds wonderful. My family of very big eaters would love it. I would have to get Tony to butcher the chicken like that the night before so it would be ready to go the next day because I am just not strong enough physically to do all that. (hand issues)


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Most of that post went right over my head! Good for you, knowing what you're doing, anyway.

Had to laugh at your screen name: Nerfherder.
And this is my fave part, my all-time fave simile: " I trust T*son like I trust my daughter to not rifle my drawers" ROLF!


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Hope I'm not nosy but you've got me curious...
Who is "Blacksmith"?

I kinda figure that Blacksmith and RN are a couple, with three kids, and that you have difficult child of your own plus one more kid who lives with DEX... but there's gotta be some connection...