A sad day

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Skylark Matrix, Sep 22, 2007.

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    Saturday - I'm having a sad day. I talked to difficult child last night, trying to find out her plan, she was in the bar in a town near here, so I told her to call me today, I won't talk to her when she is drinking. Apparently she is not coming home for the weekend. She had emailed prior and told me she got her last paycheck from her most recent job - $224, so I'm sure I know where all that went. Of course she didn't get around to calling today either, so finally I called to where she is to see what the plan is, I wouldn't say this to her, but I really don't want them coming here to load her stuff when I'm not home. She is at a town about an hour away and thinks they should get here in about 2 hours to get her stuff. We took the futon apart (AGAIN) and moved it to the deck. How I would love for her to be moving to go to school as we had planned, how I would love to pack her up with meat, veg. canning, a basic supply of kitchen goods, help her fix her place. But no, she has to run away to some place that I can't easily get to. And she of course has to show me how important being drunk is to her. On her bed room door is a poster size picture of her with her little dog when she was in Kindergarten. Why did my little girl not stay nice?
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    I am sorry that you are hurting. This won't help, but just know that she is not doing this TO you. She is doing this FOR herself. She needs to experience spreading her wings. And this is how she thinks she has to do it.

    Stay strong. When you run out of strength, come back here and draw strength from us.
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    Hon, she's 20. She thinks she's an adult and is trying to live as an adult. For some kids, that means living in a shared apartment, working, paying bills and seeing mom and dad for help whenever possible. For others, it means party time!

    Those that think adulthood means party hearty quickly fall on their face. Give her time. She will either truly grow up and live as an adult (including wanting mom and dad around to help) or she will come home with her tail between legs.

    For now, the best I can offer is HUGS, many, many of them.
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    All the above is true. on the other hand, it is normal to mourn what should
    have been and could have been. It takes a long time to get over
    the shock of "what is". Hugs. DDD
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    I know how that can hurt so. Feel bad for you.

    I have to keep telling myself, that God will protect them where I cannot. Even if there is a simple occassional contact, which is frustrating in itself, it is better than nothing.

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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: meowbunny</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Those that think adulthood means party hearty quickly fall on their face.</div></div>
    Too true, and what a great line that is!