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    Jana recently broke up with a boy she saw for about 4 months. Although her dad and I didn't approve, we waited for her to realize it was a mistake. This guy is 29 and has two children. Jana is now where near ready to be a mother, and was not a good fit for his life. She finally saw the light, broke it off, and moved on with her life. She has started seeing a really nice young man. They are just friends right now, but enjoy each other's company. Jana's co-worker's husband died on Friday, and he has been a big support. He is also very close to the family of the man who died. They went over there last night to visit coworker. Friend didn't want Jana to drive because she has been so upset. Ex called and wanted to see her. She told him no. Last night when Jana's friend brought her home, ex was waiting in my yard. He approached the guy and asked who he was. Friend told him. Seems like the guy has been stalking Jana all week long. I told her dad this morning. He slept through all of the confusion. I am afraid this guy won't give up and will continue to bother Jana for a while. If it continues, I will have to get the police involved. Jana didn't sleep at all last night, between worrying about her co-worker and her daughter and fear of this guy.
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    oh, my! That's the last thing the girl needs. Maybe the new young man will be enough to scare ex away.

    Fingers crossed. Holding good thoughts.

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    I hope this guy gives up. Stalkers are scary!
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    Saying a prayer the stalking stops now!
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    If at all possible she should maybe go to the police and discuss her options if he is stalking her. It might make her feel better to know what she can do, and when she can do it. As well as HOW to do it the right way.

    I hope he isn't stalking her.
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    I hope this goes away quickly. She doesn't need this. Neither do you.

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    Yes, it probably wouldn't hurt to call the police to start a paper trail if nothing else. Jana should also start documenting things, EW.

    I hope this amounts to nothing...