A story that is making me cringe

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    It has been reported today that a couple (a real married couple) that both work in a school system have been arrested with 6 felonies each involving sex with 4 teens from the school where they worked. He apparently was a teacher (I think) and get this- she has been the school nurse for over 5 years there. At least one of the teens was a boy- not that it matters but it still appalls me how many people think that boys don't get molested or that they need to be more worried about the mother in a boy's life making him a momma's boy or having inappropriate boundaries. I can tell you, I hear a WHOLE lot more stories about people in school's (authority figures) having sex with boys than I do of mother's and I'm about tired of people complaining about mother's being over protective. (Not people here- people in general.)

    But this story sickens me more than any other I've heard in a long time and the details haven't even come out. This supposedly happened several times at the technical center of a mainstream high school where they worked, and at their home. Part of the charges involve them soliciting teens. I just can't imagine any married couple where both are supposedly respectable citizens and both agree to do something like this on multiple ocassions with several kids involved. And who knows how many more kids might have been involved that we don't know about. It's just sick. This state really needs to crack down on sexual offenders- especially when the offense is against minors.

    They ignore the studies showing sex abuse against juveniles in Department of Juvenile Justice and they gave the director and school principal of a Department of Juvenile Justice facility who had sex with a juvenile incarcerated there a slap on the hand. Maybe now that this is effecting easy child's instead of difficult child's they'll wake up and pay attention. It's a little hard for them to justify blaming the teens' parents for this one-you know they can't say it's the parents fault for not knowing where the kid was or for not teaching them better. I've been telling them for three years now that they need to look at the people in their own system if they want to fix the problems with kids not succeeding. Not that most would be sex offenders, but even the ones who aren't are not knowledgable or professional enough to deal with real life issues. They sit and snicker over stuff like this- seriously- I've heard it with my own ears and not teachers but people who work in the courts.
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    This makes me cringe too.