A summer to remember (LONG)


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DISCLAIMER: It's 3am and I take no responsibility for content or spelling. :thumbsdown:

I wouldn't even know where to start about my summer break. It's been interesting, to say the least.

I spent a week with my daughter at her college. That certainly brought me back a good 20 years!! It was a blast. The downside is that she has gained 100 pounds in the last year and her boyfriend was arrested and convicted of domestic violence.

The first night I met him I didn't like him...just that mom-gut feeling. I told my daughter that night to never let a man push you around like that. Second night, she confided in me what has happened this last year. So, I brought her home for the summer. She was supposed to leave for Antartica for 2 years on a research trip, but these were two issues that really need to be addressed, and still need to be. She is in huge denial.

The night before I go to see her, I get a frantic call from my ex. My daughter had punched (a really good one) her step-mom in the face. Such a long story...she probably needed it, but not the best way to deal with the situation. So, she won't go to her dad's house anymore. This has been a source of hours of conversation. It's still not resolved. Keep in mind that this is my easy child child. :surprise: She is leaving in 3 hours to go back to school, hence, me being up at 3am. I'm nervous as I'm not around to monitor the situation. She is in court ordered counseling. I hope it has an effect.

In an odd collection of events, my easy child son, who is 25, had to attend a convention in Vegas. I have not seen him for 4 years. So, I had my two kids here at the same time. It was so lovely. It's strange to see your kids as adults. This was the highlight of my summer. :smile:

Let's see...what is next?

My best friend's husband committed suicide last week. It was an utter shock to absolutely everyone. He was a film maker and author, as well as a retired Leutenit (gosh my spelling is bad right now) Cornell. I've read many of his manuscipts giving him my feedback. It was/is just so heart wrenching. I'm still not over this. His 25 year old son found him hanging in the garage while his wife was attending a close friend's funeral in another city. Lovely. A friend of mine and I were called to the home immediately by the son. The scene was...I can't even say. It took the police 3 hours to arrive. They told us to not touch anything until they got there. We spent the next few hours cleaning up before his wife got home. Moral of the story: Don't EVER do this to your family and friends. It's ultimately selfish.

Next: My headmaster, who I had filed a sexual harrassment charge on this last year, was fired. That is on the positive side of things.

Finally: J has made some positive moves in his life for the first time in many years...yet, last night we get a midnight call that he might be going back to prison. We don't have any details. Some things never change.

Thanks for letting me vent. All in all, having my two kids here at the same time supercedes everything else. We had such a wonderful time in the wake of some not so good things.



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Watching your children mature in a postive fashion is a source of great pride! I'm glad you got to spend time with grown kids this summer - wow, four years without seeing your child....that's way too long!

Hope your daughter gets "back and track" and understands that respecting oneself is key.



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What a contrast of highs and lows, Abbey.

My sincere condolences to you and your friend and her family. The collateral damage from suicide can't be underestimated or denied. I'm so terribly sorry.

As for the young people, I'm delighted for your mini-reunion with your kids. And J? sigh. I hope it's not as bad as it sounds.

So glad about the headmaster. ha!


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You certainly haven't had a dull summer. Goodness!

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's husband. My prayers go out to his family and friends who are left to cope with his decision. Suicide is so horribly devistating to all it touches.

Hopefully you'll be able to convince your daughter that someone who cares about her wouldn't treat her that way. (I'm trying to convince Nichole of the same thing)

It's wonderful you got to have a mini reunion with the kids. Four years is an awfully long time.

As for easy child and stepMom, well I don't know the situation, but there are moments where you can only be pushed so far. Hopefully she'll learn a valuable lesson.

Sorry to hear about J. ((hugs)) I also hope it's not as bad as it sounds.



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Bet you can not wait to get back to work, huh?

I am glad you had the opportunity to have your kids with you after such a long time.

Other than that - things do seem quite stressful. I am sorry for your friend and the son that found him that way. Was he on any medications that may have caused suicidal ideation? I hear about that more often than I care to.

I really hope your daughter learned some things during the last few months and is prepared to be treated properly.