A tear of motherly pride.....I cannot express my joy

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Feb 10, 2011.

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    About 2 weeks ago wm decided to stir things up a bit.....he reported to his 2 tdocs disturbing information about his twin difficult child kt. Suffice it to say that because of said report on said "disturbing" information I've had everyone & their brother here to make sure kt is safe & making appropriate choices.

    wm, in the meantime, continues to rake the coals by taking the same "disturbing" info to school. wm's counselor called me informing me that he had to report this issue ~ I let counselor know that we've been there done that already but hey join the club. No skin off my nose - just put on more coffee for the hoards of SWs entering my domain & sniffing here & there.

    I did pause to comment that while I know that this incredibly false info had to be investigated was there no common sense? wm is operating at 7 years of age, he has a very skewed sense of reality, is very angry that he cannot live here, is fractious during every single visit & if he's looking you in the eye he's telling a lie.

    kt, is confused as to why all these people have graced our home; why all the concern all of a sudden? It didn't take long for kt to figure out the instigator & I refused to deny it.

    Makes a mom proud!:choir::rollingpin:
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    It is nice to know that kt is not "dumb and blind". I am also glad that you have not denied it to her. I hope you are being careful what you DO say so nothing can come back and bite you in the (bleep). There is nothing worse than "well, my mom said...." and have it taken totally out of context or sound like it means something that it doesn't.

    ((((HUGS)))) to you.
  3. JJJ

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    What is in the air??? Kanga's delusional 'disturbing' information about her siblings is what led us to completely sever contact between them.

    I'm glad you didn't lie to ktbug. She needs to know that he is still delusional/angry/disturbed. She needs that info so that she will choose to keep herself safe from him as an adult.

    Doesn't kt bake? Maybe she can make some cookies for the troops. Let her have some control over the 'visits'.
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    Sending support. Maybe you and kt could buy yourselves a special bouquet of flowers to display as a totem for the two of you. Your resistance to the bureaucracy (had to look up the spelling of that) that supports these home invasions.


    P.S. by the way how is Lenny doing?
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    So, he wasn't getting enough attention the first time around, so had to take it to school. Sigh.....

    How is kt holding up?
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    I didn't think the two of them were ever alone. I didn't even think they had been together in ages.
    Shouldn't that eliminate the need for more intrusiveness?

    I'm sorry that you have one more crisis to deal with. It isn't fair. Hugs. DDD
  7. Wiped Out

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    So sorry you are dealing with this. Hugs.