A word of caution - counterfeit bills

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by HaoZi, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. HaoZi

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    Counterfeiters are getting smarter, they are faking 5's and likely 1's as well now. Good fakes. Don't ask how I know, but yes, I have seen. I'm considering getting my own marker for checking bills (they don't pass that or the watermark test).
  2. DammitJanet

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    You're right Haozi, I have seen the fake $5's. I dont know about the $1's but with criminals anything would make sense to me.
  3. Star*

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    How do you pronounce Haozi's name?

    Were we talking about counterfit bills? I got one of those markers - But you kind of look -----odd -standing there marking all your change ------(I get the OH SHE IS RAIN MAN look) all day long. And I get :groan:behind me in line.....at every check out line. I don't care. I need to get a new pen. I got mine from the quicky mart girl.
  4. Hound dog

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    Hmmm good to know. So where does one pick up one of these pens?
  5. HaoZi

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    I would think any place that sells office supplies would have them. I'll check.

    Edit: Staples carries them. Not one in my area so I'll check Wal-Mart's home office section when I go there again.

    Make sure you check the watermarks, too. Some people bleach out lower bills and print higher ones on them so they pass the pen test.
  6. Mattsmom277

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    I've ended up with fake bills in my possession twice! One was given as change when paying admission at a zoo. We later used that change to pay for food at a confection stand in the zoo and they called security and then the police to come tracks us down and detained us for over 45 minutes while we kept explaining how it was THEM who gave us the bill. Luckily this was a stop at a zoo in toronto on our way to New York on a road trip. We had plenty of cash on hand, I think about $800 in cash. So it was easy to show them all the legit bills so why on earth would we have one fake $5 bill only if we were counterfeiting??

    The second time, it was a bill straight from the bank!! Went from the bank to grocery store and they clerk there found a fake when I paid. Again we were lucky. I'd withdrawn $300 from the bank and not shopped at all, gone straight to the store. So was able to show that I had ONLY the $300 on me, and only one fake bill, and it had to be from the bank from whom I had a time stamped withdrawl slip from shortly before paying at the store. I did return to the bank and get my $20 bill reimbursed (they had confiscated at the store, and I felt the bank was to blame. They are a bank for crying out loud and THEY don't check for counterfeit?? They agreed quickly and politely to replace my confiscated $20 after they verified with the store manager that they had kept the bill to give to police).

    This time of year is extra bad for getting fake bills. Clerks are so bombarded with long lines and pressured to rush that they simply have no time to scan the bills. I never have heard of pens you can buy for personal use. That's pretty neat
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    Hubby once got a 50 dollar bill from the bank that was counterfeit and my son just got a crappy 10$ one from an unsuspecting neighbor (it was soooo obvious). Canadian money is a little more difficult to counterfeit but it is do-able. I have to bring the 10$ bill in to the bank this week.

    Did I mention that the bank, if you bring them one you were given, is not obligated to replace the money with a legit one! Hubby got screwed by TD for the one they gave him and tried to deny it came from them too. He never did get his 50 bucks back from them at all.
  8. HaoZi

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    Yeah, generally whoever turns it in is just out the money.
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    Still didn't answer me - How do you pronounce HaoZi....
    Ha Oh Zi.....
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    I just pronounce it "how-zee"
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    Thanks, I'll have to pick up one of those pens for myself. :D