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    So - like I have posted - things r going ok Since difficult child got home from rehab. He is on probation and one of their orders is to follow rehab recommendations which is going to AA and working with a sponsor. He has been doing well with the meetings - but he does not want a sponsor. I'm sure there are a couple of reasons for that - first - sponsors hold you accountable to working the program and he doesn't want anyone holding him responsible - two - I don't know many teens with the maturity to embrace AA at that level. So - the question is - do I work with PO to try to get them to drop that requirement? I am sure his counselor from rehab would write a letter offering suggesting either dropping the sponsor piece or saying individual counseling as an alternative. Of course, I would love for him to embrace a sponsor - but I don't think there is anything to be gained by forcing him to get one and it may just make AA a negative experience instead of letting him grow into it his own way. I know that forcing him to get a sponsor will not make him choose to be sober. on the other hand - I also don't think that's allowing him to not do anything is a good option either. I am all for forcing the meeting attendance. Would love more opinions on this.....
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    A sponsor only works if the two individuals click. If one isn't even interested in "clicking" then... he's not ready for it.
    What to DO about that... I have no experience.
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    I would stay out of it. Leave it between him and his PO and you just get to be the supportive, listening parent.

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    I agree with TL.

    ive learned to try hard to have my fingerprints not on difficult child's consequences.