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    I'm not sure if I'm weird or not. But I'm adapting to the heat. I was used to it prior to the dramatic 100 degree temps......but now 90 something doesn't much bother me. I might not stand directly in the sun for hours on end, but going outside isn't that bad and doing without the AC is not too much of an issue unless the humidity climbs really really high like over 80 percent.

    This is good for my electric bill. Not so great for the girls, especially Maggie with her coat. But Maggie is going to have to adapt some too as I can't keep the ac going all the time or even part of the time if I can help it.

    However, easy child's boys are used to ac nearly all the time. It's not hot in the house, it might get that way about 5pm because it's supposed to be in the 90's today and the humidity is up. It's about 82 in here now and I think it feels just fine. I will admit I sweat like mad while cleaning but that is the humidity not the fact that I'm hot, because I don't feel hot. The boys, especially the 2 little ones who inherited husband's sweat glands, already have wet hair and they've been here a half hour. But like with Maggie, they have to adapt to some degree because I can't afford to run it just because they're here and not used to the heat. I do have my ac on in my room upstairs because that is where Connor will be napping in just a few mins and it does get really hot up there, especially on a 90 degree day.

    I'm having trouble turning it on downstairs. I know it's going to get hot, so I probably will, but if I were the only one here I'd tough out the heat of the day and not worry about it. But I don't think the boys can tough out the heat of the day. And I'd asked to have their swim trunks sent over so they could play in water but they forgot so they cant' do that to help with the heat.

    I'm glad & relieved that I still am able to get used to the heat the way I always have and it doesn't bother me much. Sitting in classes all day.......when they have their ac going full tilt, then coming home it was horrid. Before that it was menopause and with the internal flame burning night and day no ac was NOT happening. LOL Nice that my body has gotten back to normal. :)
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    Lisa... if it's that hot, why on earth do they even need swim trunks? We used to play in the water in our undies at that age... and they would dry in a few minutes of being out in the heat.
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    IC, around here if anyone sees them in their undies it's an immediate call to CPS. Ugh.

    Lisa, I know what you mean, sort of. This year the heat has been harder for me due to Bean. But the humidity not so much. Odd, because before it was the other way round!
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    Why would anyone call for little ones in their undies? Heck here little boys could be out in the backyard nude! Doesnt Lisa have a privacy fence? Swimsuits are barely more than undies.

    Lisa, do you have one of those sprinklers that go back and forth? Kids love those. So do dogs.

    I dont know how you take the heat though. I cannot handle it at all. If it gets over about 75-80 I am completely miserable. I have to be in the AC. My house has to be kept around 74 degrees in the summer and 68 in the winter. I can go as low as 65 in the winter. My bedroom can be a bit cooler but the rest of the house has to be warmer. I simply cannot regulate my internal temperature anymore because of all the medications anymore.
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    I (heart) :couple:my air conditioning.
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    I do have a privacy fence but currently the patio is a disaster thanks to the latest storm and me not having time to shovel the dirt back into the yard from the patio.

    Nana decided to be naughty. We Nana's can do such things and get away with them under the right circumstances. After dinner I had the boys out playing but it was still pretty darn hot, for them, not for me I thought it felt good. The boys played with their ride on toys, Darrin fiddled with his new pumpkin plants. (Step, remember all the seeds from the party? Well he found some and wanted to plant them and I said give it a shot and now they've taken off lol ) Travis took Rowdy for his therapeutic walk, tried to take Maggie for her walk but she got to the end of the alley and wanted to come home to be with the kids. She'd been out in the yard before that and was hot. So I told Travis to bring out her tub for her............

    Three boys, a puppy, and a tub full of water equals an awful lot of giggles........and they all wound up looking like drowned rats. :rofl: I decided if easy child got upset, I'd tell her not to forget to pack their suits tomorrow. But these guys spend far too much time inside when they should be outside having good ol' fashion FUN in the sun. And lucky for them, their Nana is all about that sort of thing.:swimming: They got soaked, clothes and all. This was in the front yard since the patio is a mess, and honestly, I think the neighbors got as big a laugh out of it as I did.

    Darrin has promised (his idea) to make certain their swim trunks are packed for tomorrow.

    Once they were done splashing all the water out of the tub, the boys helped me fill the jugs and watering can and water the garden. Then it was the short walk home to change into something dry and go to bed. I hung their wet things up in the bathroom for easy child.
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    Well....if you were in the front yard, you could also just let them play in their shorts and then let them run around naked inside while the clothes dry outside. In that heat it probably wouldnt take long!
  8. witzend

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    I don't care how hot it gets here, nothing dries. Well, concrete and plants dry. But that's it.
  9. Hound dog

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    LOL Janet. It wasn't early enough in the day for that, but I just might tomorrow.

    Witz, I can't take it where it's so humid everything feels damp. That's when it gets to me, and I'm irritable in a foul mood.......and generally not great to be around. Blech We've had more than a few days where it felt like you were walking around in a sauna cranked on high. We'd take the dogs for their walks and both Travis and my glasses fogged up! Temp was sort of cool but humidity was up around 99 percent. sheesh I had a lot of trouble not turning on the ac that evening. But with the temp so low, if I had the unit would've just frozen up after not too long and I'd have had to shut it off again. All that thick humidity and no rain. Went right over top of us and headed east.
  10. witzend

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    Yeah, it's very weird when you step outside and the glasses steam.
  11. DammitJanet

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    I hate it when my glasses steam up....ugh.