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I would appreciate any advice from parents who have had to deal with a child who not only has bipolar disorder but also is a drug abuser. My stepson has these problems and I am seeking advice please on how we could get him treatment. He is a good kid but just needs help at the moment. His mom and I live in Australia so we dont know how things work in the US and especially Florida. My wife travelled back to Florida earlier this year to get a court order to get him treated properly. However no one seems to want to help. We would like to do something before it is too late.

His actions are not only affecting him but the rest of the family also. My mother in law takes the brunt of it and is severly ill herself with heart disease. She doesnt need this stress and its slowly killing her also.

Please any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi and welcome. Sorry you had to find us. Addiction is just plain yucky. We all hate it. You're right, addiction/drugs turns our good kiddos into monsters and really does a number on families.

You might check you health insurance policy to see if you have a s/a tx benefit. Here is a link to a web site that may be of help.

There is lots of information on this site. Check out the S/A archives too.

Posting helps.


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Alot depends on his age, his motivation and the dollars that either lead to treatment or prevent it. There are many centers
that are focused on s.a. but when dealing with a dual diagnosis
it is more difficult to find a suitable program. Let us know a
bit more. DDD


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Hi and welcome aboard. As others have said, you've found a great site - full of information and support. Unfortunately, those of us here in this corner of the forum are all dealing with children/teens/young adults who are substance abusers, so we can empathize with you and your wife.

We do need a little more info - age, etc. A dual-diagnostic treatment facility (one that specializes in psychiatric disorders as well as substance abuse) is the ideal place for your stepson. As others mentioned, however, they are not easy to find, and I have no idea what's available where you are.

You might have luck contacting a local university hospital or psychiatric hospital to see if there are any services they can recommend.

Again, welcome aboard. We'll help in any way we can.

If your son has anxiety how did he not have medication to help that? My son is 24 and claims he has anxiety and his doctor prescribes Xanax which is terrible because he abuses it. What else is there?